Five Meters From Wild Bears On Kamchatka

Andrew Cyrus Kamchatka, an adventurer, blogger and traveler  was able to capture a very interesting scene, just a few meters from wild bears. In the natures sanctuary came a scientist from Germany to study the habits of these wild bears. ...

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Neanderthal Claw Necklace Found in Croatia

Eight, well preserved complete talons of the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) from the Krapina region with Neanderthal site in present-day Croatia may be part of a jewelry collection, says a team of scientists led by Dr David Frayer of the ...

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Largest WW2 Museum In Minsk Belarus

The Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum is a pretty massive and cool museum located in Minsk, capital of Belarus. We are lucky as the blogger and photographer deletant brought us some amazing views of this institution, so why don’t you ...

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HAPPY We are from High Tatras Slovakia

Do you know what is currently written about on almost all ski websites? The viral Slovak commercial video by Pharrell Williams – Happy (We are from High Tatras Slovakia). For the last days this video went viral and was risen ...

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Hyperborean Legendary Calendars Of Slavs

In Russia legends say there was an ancient Hyperborean culture associated with alien civilizations and galaxies millions of years old. The same was said in the Norse mythology as Midgard, ‘fenced yard’ – the God-man civilization while Asgard – the ...

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Sorbs the last bastion of the Slavs in the West

One of the most amazing people – Lusatian Sorbs, Slavs, whose identity was on the highest level, and the willingness to confront cultural and linguistic occupation is high even in our days, when the specter of globalization measure long strides ...

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Amazing Church Built Without Nails In Russia

This wooden church near the village of Novaya Osinovka Atkarsk district of Saratov region built the church in 1871, and according to some sources without a single nail. For its intended purpose it ceased to be used in 1934, turning ...

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