Latest Trend Of Arresting Twerkers In Russia

Dance today can be dangerous, and the ones that have learned this the hard way are a group of girls whose dancing caused some controversy and seemed obscene to some residents of Novorossiysk. They were judged and found guilty of ...

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Horoscope and Zodiac Signs As Gopniks

Horoscope has always been a thing people believe in, and Zodiac signs are something we all have. Lucky for us Mikhail Khan created drawings of zodiac signs in a Slavic way, the true Slav-Squat-Gopnik-culture way. This is a reflection of ...

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Sofia Nikitchuk Miss Russia 2015

Every year a new contest, every year a new Miss Russia, a show has been running since early 1992. Sofia Nikitchuk from from Yekaterinburg was awarded 3 million rubles which is about 60000 USD, a car and a privilege to ...

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Russian Models Take Photos With Ton Heavy Bear

Russia started a new anti-hunting campaign, and a famous Russian models as Lidia Fetisova and Maria Sidorova took part in this amazing photo-shoot with a massive As a part of an anti-hunting campaign, Russian models Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisova ...

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Stopica cave

Wandering Through Stopića Cave In Serbia

Stopića cave is one of the most famous caves in Serbia. It is located about 250 km from Belgrade, 30 km from Uzice and 19 km from the regional road Uzice-Adriatic Sea, in the area of ​​Zlatibor. Above the cave ...

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Lonely Couple Of Radioactive Village In Belarus

Old couple living in a small and forgotten Belorussian village that has survived from world wars to Stalin and Chernobyl radiation. Nikolay has an hobby to take care of the local birds, and he knows exactly which birds stopped to ...

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People of Slovakia – how Slavs look like

The Slovaks or also called Slovak people (plural Slováci, singular/plural masculine: Slovák/Slováci, singular/plural feminine: Slovenka/Slovenky) are a group of West Slavic people (closely related to other Slavic populations) and they primary inhabit Slovakia and speak the Slovak language that falls under ...

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