Largest Gypsum Mine in Russia and Europe

No this is not a scene from Alien movie series, this is real and it is a Novomoskovskoye gypsum deposit, largest in Europe and one of the largest in the whole world. Skilled photographer, this mine and dark industrial atmosphere ...

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polish people

People of Poland – how Slavs look like

The Poles are a nation of predominantly of West Slavic ethnic origin who are native to East Central Europe, inhabiting mainly Poland. The present population of Poles living in Poland is estimated at 37,310,000 out of the overall Poland population ...

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Meanwhile In Czech Republic

Dragoon Ride – Dragoons – US Army Sending Armored Convoy 1,100 Miles Through Europe under the mission called ‘Strength & Solidarity’ as US military convoy rolls through Europe. US Army Strykers Roll Out Near Russian Border to enforce military operation ...

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500 year old Easter Egg discovered in Lviv

Ornate pysanky, an 500-year-old Ukrainian Easter egg was found at a depth of 5.5 meters as Kiyv post reports. During an obviously gentle excavation of a 15th-16th century rainwater collection system on Shevska St. in central Lviv in Ukraine. The ...

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Walking Under The Clouds In Ai-Petri, Ukraine

Do you want to walk under the clouds? If yes, you can have a excellent expirience of this in Ai-Petri, Ukraine.  The suspension bridges are new there, making it a cool place for tourists. An excellent experience! Ai-Petri is one ...

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Polish Early Slavic Museum in Carpathian Troy

Archaeological Open Air Museum in Trzcinica Carpathian Troy is a unique place on the map, not only for Poland, but also for Europe. The first traces of settlement in this site come from 2100, entitled Ch, a former Slavs took ...

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