Monsters Attack Sofia Capital of Bulgaria

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria is under attack by huge silly monsters and a bit of unique doodle art.  This cools series called “Sofia Monsters” are a unique way to promote their towns in a unique way so you can ...

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Archaeologist Find Axe With Marks of Rurik

Expedition of the Institute of Archaeology have been opened and studied the remains of a medieval burial ground burial mounds near the village of Shekshovo in Suzdal. Burial mound near the village Shekshovo known as one of the largest in ...

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Ancient Kukeri Tradition Performed in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian ritual masquerade games called KUKERI dating in almost ancient Balkan history is still well preserved in Bulgaria and every year it is celebrated for generations. It’s original intend is to scare evil spirits away from local villages and ...

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Traveling Through Russian Katu-Yaryk Mountain Pass

Pass Katu-Yaryk is both entertaining and impressive. Descends into the valley r.Chulyshman on a slope of 70% (the height of 800 m, length – 3,5 km). Further, on the bottom of the canyon it drives to the southern. Teletskoje part ...

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Climbing the Skyscrapers of Moscow in International Business Center

Moscow International Business Center is a is a business and commercial urban district in central Moscow, capital of Russia. The Business center is located near the third right road of the Moscows Presnesky district and the area is still currently ...

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Novaya Zemlya the Extreme Russian North of Europe

Novaia Zemlya (in Slavic Russian meaning New Land) or as Dutch people would say Novaia Zembla is archipelago in the extreme North East of Europe and it belongs to Russia. During the Cold War it was always area closely monitored ...

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