Seven Beautiful Wonders of Serbia

Serbia, a South Slavic land that dwells on the rocky Balkan mountains and green Pannonian plains. We decided to show you a bit about this Slavic beautiful land of the Southern Slavs by the name Serbs. If you ever plan to visit it we ...

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Slovak Architects Design Solar Powered Home Ecocapsules

Slovakia has brought us another interesting and futuristic design, it’s an Ecocapsules, designed by Bratislava-based far-sighted Architects. This miniature solar powered home has also an retractable wind-turbine and a rain water storage making this home giving you chance to live in ...

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When You Get Lost Under Great Lviv In Ukraine

When you come to Ukraine as a tourists you will in very little time understand that Ukraine is not a average tourist country. Yes Ukraine has it’s beaches, architecture, history and all however what really makes it very different from ...

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You Will Never Guess What These Photos Are

Anton Chekalin is one of those people that have to oportunity to visit places that most of us will not have the chance to see. Even if we did have a chance we would never visit such a place anyway ...

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30 Things That Mean You Are Slavic

Do you even wonder what makes people Slavic? or what is that trait that will defiantly make you family stand out different to maybe some other say German, Indian, Maxican or Chinese family?  We kind of have a lost of  ...

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How Belorussians and Ukrainians Celebrate Malanka

Ukrainian and Belorussian New Year obtained the name Malanka from a folk tale collected by a Ukrainian ethnologist. The story is based on The Creator Praboh and his four sons and one daughter. One son was the Devil, the second ...

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25 Facts About Croatia That You Didn’t Know

So you heard about Croatia, everyone that’s been there fell in love with Croatia, they love their culture, they love their food, their coast and we all love to spend our vacation there but many don’t know some cool little facts about ...

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