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  • 25 myths and facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians

    Slovakia has the best roads in the universe:

    It is actually a good thing, because Slovaks are crazy drivers.
    At least they won't go fast and die. :D
  • 25 myths and facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians


    What you wrote above is true about Ukrainians and Russians in historic context. However, Russians betrayed eastern Slavs and Slavs in general on many occasions. Russians (Muscovites) were under Tatar rule getting а label (ярлык) from Tatar Khan to rule. Sometime later Moscovites became close to Tatar-Mongols. Tatars permitted Muscovites to collect taxes from north-eastern Rus . Moscovites held some money for themselves while collecting taxes. Those principalities of north-eastern Rus who refused to be subjects of Muscovites were defeated by Muscovites and Tatars such as Tver principaltiyh.  The father of Ivan the Terrible Vasily defeated many Slaviclands arounds him. Ivan the Terrible defeated the Novgorodian rebublic.Basically , he destroyed an eastern Slavic republic in the north killing nobility.

    Modern day Russia is spawned from Moscow principality that was helped by Tatars.

    Moscow principality adopted political system of Horde (Sarai was their capital), while Ukrainians, Belarusians, Novgorodians, Tverians held veche tradition. I don't know how to translate Veche in English. It's earlest form of parliament in eastern and possibly western Slavia.

    Eastern Slavs - Belarusians and Ukrainians - feel Russians betrayed them because of their affilation with Tatars from whom they adopted their governance and political system.

  • 25 myths and facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians

    @Sviatogor Our teacher refered to our smartphones as debilizátor. :smiley:
  • 25 myths and facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians


    >According to, the proportion of American households without a TV set doubled from 1.3 percent in 2009 to 2.6 percent in 2015. The number of homes with three or more televisions also declined, largely because young people now rely on smartphones and laptops to consume entertainment. 

    Youth in eastern Slavia often call a TV a 'debilizator'.  The word is derived from Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Slovak - debil - dumb person.

    So 'deblizator' is a box for dumb people. Back in the days there were few channels on TV . The best shows, movies and documentaries were prepared to be shown on air. Nowadays, there are so many TV channels. Anything can be shown. Often shows are low quality. So people select movies, shows, documentaries on a computer. For example , I and my girl go to cinema to watch new released movies. I take my little sunshine (daughter) to cinema to watch children cartoons.

  • Most beautiful Slavic girls!

    Guess I won't be visiting Belarus. SINCE I HAVE BROWN EYES.

    You can visit Ukraine though. :) I noticed plenty of Ukrainians (most likely from Lutsk) with brown eyes.

  • Most beautiful Slavic girls!

    There's a sayin Belarus - dark eyes cannot be trusted.

    Guess I won't be visiting Belarus. SINCE I HAVE BROWN EYES.

  • The genetics of Slavs

    The most indepth genetic study of balts and slavs so far was published: September 2, 2015 I wanted to just do a little re-cap of its results and also state positives and negatives about the study.

    Positives - The study is so far the largest peer reviewed study done on slavic populations and really tried to incorporate all slavic populations with the exceptions of Rusyns. The Study analzyed Y-DNA, Autosomal DNA, Mt-DNA and calculated the correlation between geography, language and genetics.

    Negatives - This study based a lot of its sampling on previous studies meaning a lot of the results are basically recycled information and not telling us anything new. Though they did a good Job of sampling many regions in different Baltic and Slavic coutnries for Y-DNA, the collection of Autosomal Data was done quite poorly. For instance the sampleing of only one population and region in large countries such Poland and Ukraine isnt very representative about the actual genetics of those people as a whole, and in the case of Poles used some samples from poles living in estonia.

    Autosomal relationship of slavs by Country based on Population pairwise Fst



    Serbians - 0,0000

    Bosnians/Croatians - 0,0007

    Slovenians- 0,0012

    Montenegrins - 0,0014

    Slovaks - 0,0016


    Bulgaria - 0,0000

    Serbia - 0,0004

    Bosnians/Croatians - 0,0007

    Slovenia - 0,0013

    Montenegrins/ Czechs - 0,0017

    Slovaks - 0,0021


    Serbia - 0,0007

    Bulgaria - 0,0014

    Macedonians/Bosnians - 0,0017

    Croatians - 0,0018

    Slovenes - 0,0021

    Slovaks - 0,0030


    Bulgaria - 0,0000

    Croatians – 0,0002

    Bosnians – 0,0003

    Macedonians – 0,0004

    Montenegrins – 0,0007

    Czechs/Slovaks – 0,0012


    Croatians – 0,0001

    Serbia – 0,0003

    Bulgarians/Macedonians – 0,0007

    Slovenes/Czechs – 0,0008

    Slovaks – 0,0010

    Montenegrins – 0,0017


    Bosnians – 0,0001

    Serbians – 0,0002

    Slovenes/Czechs – 0,0004

    Bulgarians/Macedonians – 0,0007

    Slovaks – 0,0008

    Montenegrins – 0,0018


    Croatians – 0,0004

    Slovaks/Bosnians – 0,0008

    Ukrainians – 0,0009

    Czechs – 0,0011

    Bulgarians – 0,0012

    Macedonians/Serbians – 0,0013


    Slovaks/Croatians – 0,0004

    Poles – 0,0005

    Ukrainians – 0,0007

    Bosnians – 0,0008

    South Russians – 0,0009

    Slovenes/Belarusians – 0,0011


    Czechs – 0,0004

    Poles – 0,0006

    Ukrainians – 0,0007

    Croatians/Slovenians – 0,0008

    Bosnians – 0,0010

    Serbians/Belarusian/South Russians – 0,0012


    Czechs/Ukrainians – 0,0021

    Poles – 0,0022

    Belarusian – 0,0023

    Slovaks/South Russian – 0,0026

    Croatians – 0,0028

    Slovenians – 0,0029


    Belarusians – 0,0000

    Ukrainians – 0,0002

    South Russians – 0,0004

    Czechs – 0,0005

    Slovaks – 0,0006

    Russians Central – 0,0010


    Poles – 0,0002

    Belarusians – 0,0003

    South Russians – 0,0006

    Slovaks/Czechs – 0,0007

    Slovenians – 0,0009

    Croatians – 0,0010


    Poles – 0,0000

    Ukrainians – 0,0003

    South Russians – 0,0005

    Lithuanians – 0,0008

    Czechs – 0,0011

    Slovaks/Central Russians – 0,0012

    Russia South

    Poles – 0,0004

    Belarusians – 0,0005

    Ukrainians – 0,0006

    Central Russians – 0,0008

    Czechs – 0,0009

    Slovaks – 0,0012

    Russia Central

    South Russians – 0,0008

    Poles – 0,0010

    Belarusians/ Ukrainians – 0,0012

    Latvians – 0,0014

    Slovaks – 0,0018

    Czechs/ Lithuanians – 0,0021

    Russia North

    Central Russians - 0,0059

    South Russians – 0,0086

    Poles – 0,0087

    Belarusians/ Ukrainians – 0,0089

    Latvians – 0,0096

    Slovaks/Lithuanians – 0,0098


    Interesting conclusions

    Sorbs though largely from Slavic stock and distant to their Germanic neighbors are a genetic isolate and quite distant from all other Slavic populations. Their closest relatives being Czechs followed closely by poles


    Montenegrins also seem to be a genetic isolate with their closest relatives being serbians (0,0007) followed by Bulgaria (0,0014). This could be due to the mountainous reigion they inhabit.

    Poles( at least from North eastern Poland) and Belarusians are genetically indistinguishable. Ukraine/Poland/Belarus form a tight genetic group covering a very large geographic area. However the sampling in this study doesn’t account for regional differention such as western Ukraine and South Eastern Poland.


    Czechs are genetically just as related to Slovaks as they are to Croatians. This could be due to the fact that R1a in both Croatia and the Czech republic are almost esclusively R1a-M458, while R1a in Slovakia is over 50% of East Slavic sub clads. An interesting note, is that this is the case for Slovenians as well, hence Slovaks are closer related to Slovenians than Czechs are.


    Northern Russians are drastically different from other Slavic peoples genetically.


  • 10 Things That Mean You Are Croatian

    @Perun Plus, the leading cause of pneumonia in Slavic countries is going outside with wet hair.
  • Gypsy influence in Slavic languages or culture


    That old lady looks just a bit like my grandpa. Oh boy.
  • Folk or folk-inspired music from your country

    From my neck of the woods in Croatia:

    and a little shout out to the ancestral roots: