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Let's put pictures of ourselves.

We have been around for long on this forum. We should know each other better.

This is me - an ordinary Belarusian guy.



  • I thought you're more of a blond Baltic looking Slav, instead you look more like Central European
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    My girl asked me to remove my picture . She's a darling with whom I have a beautiful daughter.  I will remove all my pictures as per her request.
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    I am not blond as some people expect us. I will pass in Serbia and Croatia easily. Slovenes are blonder than me.
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    One Latvian girl told me - you are good looking, but you have sad eyes. I won't score with you despite of your looks.

    I am thankful for her comments.
  • Most definitively. In Serbia (not sure for Croatia) you'd be blond-ish type though.
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    Many people said I am very Belarusian looking at my appearance. I can post my genetic profiles from different studies. Guys and girls told me I  look super Slav. Since, I look as Croats and Serbs, then Croats and Serbs look super Slavs too.
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    @Sviatogor what do we have here. A Belorussian celebrity-businessman. 

  • I'll just use the same one I posted when I first joined Slavorum (a facial analysis thread which I can't seem to find anymore).

    @Sviatogor Indeed, your hair looks a bit darker than I expected. In any case, you still look quite Baltic, IMO.
  • @Perun and @NikeBG

    You look so Belarusian, and Slavic.

    I will remove the picture of myself. I promised my girl.

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    When I think of a typical Serb or Croat man, I think of Goran Bregovic or Goran Ivanovesic.

    But yeah, you could pass as a Serb, or even Czech/Slovak. 

    I haven't met any Belarusians, and the only one I can think of is Victoria Azarenka, and well you don't look like her, but maybe a relative...
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    We may look super blond. We may look super brunette too.

    We are Slavs! :) 

    Orlovsky. I cannot believe he is a Belarusian. He claims he is one.

  • @Sviatogor Orlovsky could pass as Macedonian/Bulgarian/Serbian. No problems. 
    Especially the nose, eyebrows, head shape and hair line.
  • @GLK

    Belarusians are Slavs. We  are like   Macedonians, except for our genetics.
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    me at my computer a while back.

    @Sviatogor  look pretty typical belarusian to me. I don't usually think of slavs as pure Nordic types anyways

    @NikeBG  you have slav face my friend.

  • @Sviatogor send Lukasenko to gym for a few motnhs + let him grow a full beard and he will look like Orlovsky (minus the hair).
  • @srdceleva Yeah, the folks here classified me as Baltid-Nordid back then, so somewhat stereotypical Slavic.
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    Lukashenki is Ukrainian by descent. Former president of Ukraine Yanukovich was 1/4 Belarusian. His grandfather came to Ukraine from the region of my ancestry.

    Lukashenko and Putin play ice-hockey. :)

  • @Sviatogor
    "My girl asked me to remove my picture . She's a darling with whom I have a beautiful daughter.  I will remove all my pictures as per her request."

    I'll buy you a lemonade if we ever meet.
  • @aaaaa

    I will buy you anything you wish (in my limits) if we meet.
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