10 Abandoned Secret Objects From The USSR You Should Know About

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Despite the once obvious benefits, each of these technical and architectural riches turned out to be useless to anyone. At first, looters chose places, then – lovers of abandoned places and wanting to make unique photos. However, most residents of the countries of the former Soviet Union are not even aware of their existence. h/t:(Fishki)

Radar “Arc”

In Pripyat (Ukraine) there is a remote sensing complex for intercontinental ballistic missiles, which at the time of construction was unique. They finished building it in 1985, having spent more than 200 thousand tons of metal and erected antennas measuring 140 by 500 meters.

Ionosphere Study Station

It was created for scientific purposes by analogy with the American project HAARP, located in Alaska. Now the station is completely abandoned.

NPP in Shchelkino

The construction of a nuclear power plant began in 1974, but the process was frozen in 1987, as was supposed to be temporary. This was due to the Chernobyl tragedy. It is easy to guess that the construction of the facility, which was supposed to provide electricity to the entire Crimea, was not continued.

Technology Cemetery

There were many similar cemeteries on the territory of the countries of the former USSR, most of them are no longer there, since the marauders were dismantled. One of these places is located in Chernobyl, depressing with its appearance.

Object №221

On the surface there is only a fake, which does not represent anything interesting. But under it is a network of tunnels and several bunkers. 10 thousand people could settle there. the object was created as a reserve command post of the army in the event of a nuclear war.


In one of the hangars of the Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan), there is a Buran spacecraft. In the first and last flight, he went in 1988. In 2002, the ship was damaged by the collapse, the budget of the space program was reduced, so it was never restored.

R-12 Dvina missile system

In 1964, a missile bunker for delivering nuclear strikes was created in Pastavy. For its intended purpose, the object was used for exactly 30 years, and then it was removed from service and mothballed.


The Lun, an ekranoplan missile ship, was primarily designed to destroy aircraft carriers, although the ship could easily hit any surface targets.

Kola superdeep well

It was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest well on man created on Earth. The maximum depth is 12,262 meters, it began to be drilled for scientific purposes in 1970, and then abandoned.

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