10 Reasons Why Every Foreigner Should Have a Slav Friend!

You’ll love having one…trust us, we’re fun…

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The Slavic people might seem strange at first, especially if you are a foreigner to them, but you’ll be glad to have them as friends.

1. No need for shyness at lunch/dinner gatherings

If you are invited by a Slavic person to attend lunch or dinner, you must relax 100% instead of being reserved. Feel free to munch and eat, and there is no shame in asking for seconds! This would, in fact, compliment the person who cooked the food. Speaking of food, at such gatherings there is plenty of it – there will be leftovers that you’ll snack on later.

2. You’ll socialize in a whole new level

In some countries, people are shy to dance a lot or to start singing, and even if they do this, it looks as if the person is not quite up for it. If you and your Slavic friends are at some party or pub, don’t be surprised if they dance like no one is watching or sing as if no one is listening. And of course, feel free to join them. You’ll also meet many new people, since socializing with Slavs is all about having fun and making friends. The best thing is that there are no meaningless talks, and even the small talks are sincere and positive. And, there is a LOT of small talks.

3. They won’t say ‘no’ to your invitations (unless they really can’t attend)

Slavic friends are all about friendship and good times. So, if you invite them to some event or a simple night out, expect an enthusiastic ‘yes’! maybe you don’t have someone to go with, or simply want them to come, but they will surely go to your event and will behave accordingly (dress etiquette, gifts, or whatever the occasion implies).

4. BYOB is not quite their thing

Unless a Slavic person organizes a really massive shindig, BYOB is not our thing. Slavs are proud to share whatever they have with their guests – foreigners or not. If someone announces their visit unexpectedly, Slavs rush to the store to get some beverages and snacks. But, most of the time, they have those things at home for such ‘emergencies’ . If a gathering is organized, a Slav person would anyway be thrilled to serve drinks and snacks to show off as a great host.

5. You’ll hang out with drinks outdoors too, not just in pubs or homes

For Slavs, it is not uncommon to ‘warm up’ with some drinks outdoors. For example, in spring or summertime, they enjoy getting some drinks and heading to parks or open spaces where they simply chill out with friends and have an amazing time. Yes, you’ll sip drinks and you might feel even better than being in a pub.

6.  They will always make you smile, regardless of their mood[email protected]/9485123731/in/photolist-fsaJQ4-93Jpty-24C4Njo-5LztEk-48sbUZ-76rfzj-58mQbb-HHGV9Z-kGCY4-4QhY8A-78gn7s-5TrNPj-rpBrZb-4ELqtS-4eNRK-dyt6kG-93CD6-ad9cid-3eHiHr-8YUx7S-7dKdPN-4YW5Ft-5YhAz8-f3sKBf-55tgvB-4eNRL-89nPwA-4z9LEf-Nt3G5-kRK5x-5VbWKg-7kpAbW-6N8W75-7pESYa-5Aqd6N-7SkNdW-9qvpUD-pLvmQw-9c6KHi-2k3L4m-Sdou6Q-oELN2f-634bJ8-HUFoUs-24LTL5-XJRpj9-9NZkd9-365GxB-4b8W2q-cQ7s6h

Even if a Slavic person had a bad day, this won’t stop them from hanging out (at least not always). With them, you’ll be in good spirits and laugh all the time. Maybe you’ll have serious conversations with them of course, but one thing is certain – there is no awkward silence around Slavs.

7. Their honesty is unprecedented

A Slavic person would never be polite just because it is expected. They are polite because they actually mean it. They say things if they really mean it. When your Slavic friend asks ‘how was your day’ for example, they expect you to really tell them about it and start a conversation. In other cultures, such questions are just ‘ice breakers’ and probably nothing more than that. But, in this case, the person really cares about what you have to say. And if you ask them something, expect a 100% honest answer – even if it might seem too honest.

8. You’ll never get bored

Regardless of what you do with a Slavic friend, you can’t have a bad time. You won’t be bored, ever! From simple walks to going out in town, to gatherings at home or even just speaking over the phone or chat – Slavs are great at amusing people and being genuine, true friends anytime. If you’re feeling kind of low, they’ll instantly make you feel less alone or bored simply by being there for you.

9. They are dynamic and full of empathy

Speaking of lifting your spirits, Slavs are the best at it because their upbringing and culture played a part in this. With them, shared happiness is even greater happiness, and shared sadness is less sadness. If you have a Slavic friend, he’ll be there for you in your toughest times to help out in any possible way, literally. They’ll be a shoulder to cry on or simply a much-needed presence. Slavs listen, understand and feel with you 100%. Even if you call them in the middle of the night to let something out, they’ll stay with you as much as you need it. Awesome right?

10. We’re super smart, you’ll be in awe

Slavs are a mysterious bunch. You will see all the talk how west is superior in this and that, but you’re forgetting that only few dozen years ago Slavs created Eastern Bloc rocked the world on a global level. While we joke about this and that in our countries, you’d actually be surprised how many hackers, IT experts, artists, musicians and other brilliant minds come from our part of the globe. In other words, it might be of your best interest to have one Slav friend, you might learn a thing or two.

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  1. I am proud of joining slavic culture. Never have I been so open-minded about life without it. I am happier than a western spy with brains the height of pan-sized blins. My care for slavic culture is so much, only the babushkas will be able to explain it best.

  2. As a German I have never been to any of thebslavic countries. But since I live for 29 years now in America, primarily in Prnnsylvania, I have to say that even as Germans we are more direct. Here, everyone is super cautious. You do not want to offend. And the friendly small talk is in general very superficial. I can appreciate therefore what I hear about Slavic culture. I too, love to share, I am very open and I make no reservations before creed, ethnicity or race. I accept everyone as I would like to be accepted myself.

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