10 Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks Meet Each-other in Vienna Bar To Drink, Hours Later They Fight Over Tavern Songs

When it is in your blood to fight for a reason not known to you


VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Citizens of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia have provoked a serious incident last weekend in Vienna. The happy bunch started a fight after 10 of them crawled into a café with regular guests, according to the portal

Now you will be even more interested when you hear about the reason of a fight, as usual trivial Balkan stuff. Guests were in an alcoholic state and they could not agree weather to play darts or dance (WOW!) so this disagreement about activities has turned into a loud Balkan quarrel, and finally its final form, a fight.

The Vienna police confirmed that all involved in violating public order and peace were drunk and that there were seven men and three women.

In a fight, one woman suffered injuries and she was hospitalized, while the man who hurt her was also slightly injured.

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