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10 Slavic football players who rocked this Champions League

And some of them have a chance to win it.

Let’s say it out loud: Slavs are barely mentioned as the most talented football players. Although many of them were appreciated, if you will ask someone about the best players around the world, they will mention first guys from countries like Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, etc.

However, if someone is an amateur of strong personalities and fighters on a football field, Slavic players are the best choice. They are wild and unpredictable. Here is the list of super-hot ten surnames that rock the Champions League this year:

Stefan Savić – Atletico Madrid

Savić playing for Montenegro, by Дмитрий Садовников

One of the warriors of the gang of Diego Simeone. The central defender, born in Montenegro, stays one of the most important players of Atletico Madrid. The team that is based on the unity remains one of the biggest sensations of the last five years. Savić joined the team in 2015, and since then he supports their successes with his remarkable talent.

Luka Modrić – Real Madrid


When he started his career in the richest Spanish team, many people believed that he doesn’t match to the team. Now Modrić is known as the most successful Croatian player in the entire history of football. His position in the team is unquestionable, and if Real Madrid wins this year once again, he will be considered as one of the principal architects of this success.

Danijel Subašić – FC Monaco

by Дмитрий Голубович

Croatian goalkeeper who saved his team for many times this season. When he joined AS Monaco, they were struggling in Ligue 2. He played a significant role in the winning of Ligue 2 and promotion to Ligue 1. Motivated, loyal and

Mario Mandžukić – Juventus Turin

Picture from times when Mario Mandžukić played for Atletico Madrid, by Carlos Delgado

One of the most rebellious players of Champions League. Famous of his wild spirit Croatian player may bring his team some troubles, but he is always dedicated to his team with all of his heart. He plays like every match is a battle and he is a soldier who fights for life.

All of these players are still on their way to the Final match. However, this year we were able to enjoy the game of a few more teams supported by Slavic blood:

Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich


The superstar of football from Poland, whose career exploded in Borussia Dortmund and continues in Munich. For many years the comments about him stated that his success would come. When the appreciation and great achievements finally came, he became the first Polish player who is a hero of the most iconic German team.

Łukasz Piszczek – Borussia Dortmund

by Thomas Rodenbücher

He was a member of fabulous Polish trio of Jurgen Klopp’s Borussia. His collaboration with Lewandowski and Kuba Błaszczykowski were the sensation of German league a few years ago. Now Piszczek stays a superstar of his team and one of the most valuable players of Borussia whose assists are extremely effective.

Ljubomir Fejsa – Benfica Lisbon

by Вячеслав Евдокимов

Serbian who is a defensive midfielder stays a member of the first team from the capital of Portugal. He plays for his team since 2013, and many fans believe that he should stay there for the rest of career.

Marek Hamšík – SSC Napoli

by Екатерина Лаут

Fans of Serie A won’t agree with this statement, but I believe that he is one of the wasted talents of European football. On January 2017 Diego Maradona who scored for Napoli 115 goals stated ”Soon he’ll beat my goal record”. It seems that when he ends his football career, his achievements will be much bigger than the legend of Maradona in Napoli.

Aleksandar Kolarov- Manchester City

by John Urquhart

One of the choices of Pep Guardiola, who gave him more trust than to former icons of Manchester City. With number 11 on his back, he stays a defender of the team since 2010. Although the style of Guardiola’s team is more like a mixture of Spanish and British football, Kolarov finds his place in the team.

Ivan Rakitić – FC Barcelona

This list wouldn’t be complete without the player from FC Barcelona. Although recently Luis Enrique placed him more often out of the first 11, he is often like a black horse of the match. His energetic style is often priceless during the difficult second half of the game.


At the beginning of June, the winner of the Champions League will be known. The only thing that is sure for now is that a Slavic player will carry the cup. Will it be Savić, Subašić, Mordić or Mandžukić? Before we know it, there are a few more exciting matches to go.

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