10 Tesla Discoveries We Can’t Live Without

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Nikola Tesla was a man that changed our civilization to it’s foundations. Nikola was a genius visionary, inventor, scientists and thinker that human kind has produced and with his intellect he was able to achieve anything his mind wanted. His knowledge in electrical and mechanical engineering and inventing skill has made him the father of modern alternating current also known as AC, however this is by far just one of his “inventions”.  This Serbo-Croatian individual outgrew the material and national limits of our world and became a father of modern civilization as we know it! There are many other Tesla inventions and registered patents so it’s hard to list them all in one article, thus we will just list the top 10 inventions and discoveries by Nikola Tesla!

So let us check out what Tesla invented that is so important that we can’t imagine modern life without it:

Alternating Current

One of his most notable and famous inventions was “Alternating Current” that can be explained as being a form in which electrical power is delivered from one to another place. In alternating current the flow of an electrical charge periodically reverses direction making it easier and less expensive to get to it’s destination. All radio and audio signals are carried on electrical wires and as such are best example of alternating technology. His biggest competitor, Edison also developed what we cal Direct Current where it’ runs continually in single direction and such technology you can see in battery or fuel cells. In early days U.S. standard was Edisons DC but shortly after Tesla appeared and offered his Alternating current technology whole world accepted it as a perfect solution due to it’s ability to easily convert to lower and higher voltages.


While people of his time could even hard grasp the concept of his Alternating current, Tesla already dreamed of a world run by clean, limitless and free power, robotic autonomus systems runing electric cars and aviation. In other words he was far ahead of human civilization and he did say in more occasions how he believes that all living beings are only driven by “external” impulses. In one of his interviews he stated: “I have by every thought and act of mine, demonstrated, and does so daily, to my absolute satisfaction that I am an automaton endowed with power of movement, which merely responds to external stimuli.” That sentence was the time when Robotics were born and he believe it was possible for us to build replicas of ourselves on the basis of “external” impulses.

The X-Ray

How many times have you seen someone breaking a bone and getting a X-Ray so doctors could help him out? A lot we are sure and thank’s to Tesla technology our civilization has all the means to battle all kind of human diseases and traumas due to one of the most important discoveries for medicine. This technology saves millions of people on regular basis and is a prime example how technology can be used for good rather than bad. Even thought X-Radionation is short for Röntgen radiation, after Wilhelm Röntgen the man who researched and developed the technology to it’s perfection was Tesla.


Light is the foundation of life in general and only two divine entities that brought us life was God and Tesla. He didn’t invent the light as per see, rather he invented the technology to distribute light and bring out civilization out of the dark times into the new brighter future where our cities now during night look like glaring diamonds. Industry during Teslas era was way behind him and his ideas so he soon was to develop fluorescent bulbs in his laboratory forty years before “modern industry” found out what they are. Have you heard of Tesla coil? that is one of his most impressive creations because it was the idea that Eearth iteself is a magnet that can generate electricity just by utilizing certain frequencies as a transmitter. No need to say that American industry lobby wanted to heavily suppress his ideas and revolutionary technology because it was a threat to American economy.


Those lasers at the wild techno parties, hand lasers that kids play, lasers on firearms or even Star Wars laser swords are all a product of Nikola Tesla. Today this invention of his is used both in good and bad be it for medical treatments to army technology. Lasers are so important that they will by time only get better and more used and even Star wars laser swords are a product of Tesla and his mind, that speaks enough of his ideas. His invention was of course used only to benefit mankind as he had no light sabers in mind when inventing them.

Electric Motor

Tesla Motors and Elon Musk? Well Elon has a lot to thank Nikola Tesla because without him this technology would not exist and Elon can just be thankful that Nikola invented such technology that he can utilise and gain his profit on. Tesla invented electric motors when industry heavily depended on heavy mechanical motors fueld by gas and oil. We are just entering the era where we will replace the old motors with Teslas invention and we are still not fully ready to embrace his ideas. His motor is working due to rotation thanks to the magnetic fields and in his time no one understood this man, however thanks to him today we have power tools, machine tools and soon electric cars.


You love listening your songs on your favorite radio station? Well it was Guglielmo Marconi that has the credit for radio, however the supreme court overturned Marconi’s patent because it was proven that one and only, Nikola Tesla, has been a person that invented Radio a lot before Marconi did. Why? Because Tesla demonstrated in 1893 that radio signals are just another frequency that needs a good transmitter and it could be received. Again this was a batter of politics and traditional american capitalist way of thinking, however truth emerged on end and Tesla won.

Remote control

That magical invention that let’s you shift TV channels from your bed? That invisible power that today flies drones over our skies and soon to drive cars on our streets? All that is a product of Tesla that we are utilizing just now. After Tesla invention of Radio, his idea of remote control technology was just a natural thing to come after it and his first demonstration of remote controlled model boat happened in 1898. and today over hundred years after we are just utilizing his idea in a more active basis. Just proves how slow we as a humanity are for him and his ideas. Today military is the most heavy users of his technology in order to remote control aerial drones, space vehicles and other types of vehicles.

Can you imagine if Tesla lived dozens of years more how would our world look today?

We can!

What do you think?

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