10 Things That Mean You Are Russian

Some of the things that make someone a true Russian

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Russians are the largest Slavic ethnic group living on flat plains of East Europe and Asian continent. Famous for their history and with a status of ultimate internet celebrities as a nation, they are a country that you either love or hate, but we are sure you will love our Slav brothers just as we do. With over 150 million Russians you are bound to meet one at one point of your life, so you could at least learn more about them to understand that Slavic soul of theirs. What do you think makes a person Russian? This is what we found out

1. Russians don’t do small talk, they mean it.

Who likes to waste time on empty talk and random banter? Russians don’t like that, when they say things they mean it, they like to be direct and straight to the point which they want to make. When they want to talk with you it will be because they really have something to say or discuss. You just say hello and carry on with whatever you were doing.

2. Russian women really care about their looks

Beauty is power in Eastern Europe, this is why they are so confident and why they take over any social network (just look at Instagram). Russian girls are trying to look fancy 24/7 and will go in perfect looks even if it is just for jogging, grocery shopping or even at home. Miniskirts and high heels all year round, even on ice!  — they are feminine till the end!

3. Russians laugh at “Russians” in Hollywood movies.

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Armageddon and Red Heat are their favorites. Russians enjoy their status in the world, many exaggerate their national character, that broken Russian language by Arnold or even some hilarious factual mistakes will make Russians cry out of laughter when they watch it.

4. Russians look very serious…all the time

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Slavs and especially Russians seem to be very serious, when is the last time you seen them smile? But that is not because they are depressive or angry, rather it is because in Eastern Europe it is kind of rude to shove you feelings down other peoples throats, keep it for yourself. Russians are just as happy as other people, but its just a different cultural thing, you know Slavs  don’t like that forced-happiness you watch on MTV or Youtube. On the other hand, they are very open in trusted circles of friends and family.

5. Russians are (maybe a tiny bit) superstitious.

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Eastern Europe from Balkans to Baltic sea to Vladivostok is a place where many popular myths come from. This is also why Russians trust numerous things from horoscopes, fortune telling and various folk beliefs. Even when they don’t believe mysticism, it is always somewhere in the back of your head, like spitting after a black cat crosses in front of you and alike. Do not sit at the corner of the table or you will never get married.

6. They eat a lot of soup.

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Borsch, Borsch, Borsch because “Without soup, your stomach will dry up!”. It is like a mecca of soups from Borsch — beetroot and beef soup — is popular in all of Eastern Europe, or shchi (cabbage soup) or sour shchi (which uses sauerkraut instead of cabbage). Okroshka, Solyanka are also another great options for summer days….you know what, just go and try some Russian soups.

7. Russian worship of pancakes.

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Blin, Blin, Blin it is a Russian term for Pancakes. They love to stuff themselves with them in all possible combinations from sweats to fruits. All flavors of jam, sour cream, honey, butter, fish, cheese, mince, and caviar be it fat or thin! Russians even have a pancake week: Maslenitsa. Every day during Maslenitsa you eat different pancakes.

8. They drink a lot of vodka

No comment! To most people it is not in a alcoholic sense, it is just a famous national drink that you drink for all kind of occasions. Because it is so good it is now world-famous for a good reason. Just look at some YouTube videos for proof.

9. They are very hospitable

You must treat your guests as if they are kings. Slavs for a reason want to leave a really good impression on you when you visit their house, so they will get you the most comfortable bed, the softest slippers, and the greatest meal in the history of humankind. That rule applies to relatives, friends, friends of relatives and pretty much everyone else.

10. No walking in shoes around the house cyka

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Those soft famous “Arabic” carpets are all over Eastern Europe, today maybe things are changing but still these can be found everywhere and you don’t want to mess them up with your dirty shoes. This is why you never walk into a house without taking your shoes off. Never ever.

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