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100 Years Of Russian Hairstyles In One Minute

Video YouTube channel “Cut” has presented their view on the Russian female beauty during 100 years of Russia. This is just another series of woman beauty they covered after Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, Iran and the United States. Thanks to cut we have a chance to see how beauty was perceived in Russian Federation and you will see various ways of making traditional hairstyles from Moscow to St. Petersburg and Volgograd. The pretty Model in this video is Russian Anja Zajtseva and with just a little help of stylist team and hairdressers they managed to create the perfect visual representation of a century beauty in the far east of Europe.

The Russian hairstyle from 1910’s

The Russian hairstyle from 1920’s

The working women hairstyle from 1930’s

The Soviet army women hairstyle from 1940’s

The High-class hairstyle from 1950’s

The Russian Ushanka hairstyle from 1970’s

See the rest in their video:

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