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14 Ways How Men Entertained Themselves In The USSR

In Soviet Russia You Entertain Fun


Men in the USSR had their own fun rituals to which their wives were not allowed. In the Soviet Union, there were so-called men’s clubs. This is what the has been going on there, male club is a place where you can stay and have fun without women. Most often, they were engaged in purely masculine affairs. Let’s remember how Soviet citizens spent their leisure time! h/t:(madeincccp)

1. Garage. Exchange advices and drink with neighbors

2. Picnics in the USSR were also loved

Soviet cosmonauts rest in Dolgoprudniy.

3. Dominoes. They gathered in whole yards, held competitions

5. The boys also had games to which the girls were not allowed

6. Amateur hockey in the yard

7. Youth of Uglekamensk listening to music in the courtyard, 1973

8. Not only dominoes enjoyed popularity

9. In the summer hockey was also played, but already with the help of a toy

10. If the car broke down, then the whole court was dealt with, and curious boys ran around as assistants

11. Soviet “metalworkers” of Grodno traveled to nature

12. Without a beer, of course, the selection would be incomplete

14. In the courtyards they played guitars, arranged mini-concerts

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