15 Photos that prove Slovakia is Awesome

Czech based photographer, Viktor Hanacek visited Hight Tatras in Slovakia. This large mountain range in center of Slovakia is attracting more and more tourists each year and this will probably make you want to visit it. Viktor used Canon EOS 5D camera to take these shots, but still nature is the reason why photos look so beautiful. If you still wonder why you should visit this then go ahead and scroll down. We have 15 beautiful reasons why you should visit Slovakian Hight Tatras!

1# Morning mist over Hight Tatras forest

2# Early sunrise over Slovak Tatras lakes

3# Fresh cold air on top of High Tatras

4# Traveling the beautiful landscape around Tatras

5# Awe inspiring scenery of Slovakia

6# Fishing on the Tatra Lakes

7# Or just sun bathing in the idyllic atmosphere that High Tatras offer

8# Incredible landscape Slovakia offers is a must see

9# Hiking has never been so beautiful and safe as in Slovakia

10# You want believe what kind of panorama awaits you on tops

11# Mysterious stone structures make by hikers along the way

12# Boat sailing on calm and beautiful lakes

13# Adventures over the bridges, lakes and forests in High Tatras

14# Discovering lost hiking paths that High Tatras have

15# Or just a hidden spot for you and your partner to enjoy the view

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