20 Facts About Macedonia You Didn’t Know

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So you heard about Macedonia before, you heard about Alexander the Great and you heard about this nation being mentioned in history books. However you also see it here on this Slavic website, and you probably ask yourself what is with this Macedonia. It’s a country that has complicated origins, and even more complicated history being influenced by many factors in it’s creation. Yes it’s true, the country is Slavic and they speak a Slavic language, were a part of Yugoslavia but also yes it is true it has it’s connections with Alexander the Great which was a famous warrior from the times of Hellenes. While we will not spend time on actual political stance on the question, we rather want you to discover some new facts about this little Slavic country, in hope you will book your stay there and enjoy it.

Leave a comment if you think something interesting about Macedonia should be included. So here are some cool 2o fun facts about Macedonia, check them out below:

#1 Fact – Alexander the Great

#2 Fact – Cool Caves

#3 Fact – Huge Cross

#4 Fact – Officially FYROM

#5 Fact – Horrible Earthquake

#6 Fact – Eurovision

#7 Fact – Greek Love

#8 Fact – Full Internet

#9 Fact – Work Sets You Free

#10 Fact – Ancient Observatory

#11 Fact – Where This Letter Started

#12 Fact – LandLocked

#13 Fact – Mountain Monopoly

#14 Fact – Beautiful Lake

#15 Fact – Don’t Do Opium

#16 Fact – Ancient or not

#17 Fact – Different approach

#18 Fact – First Slavic School

#19 Fact – Make Love Not War

#20 Fact – Capital With A Reason

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