20 interesting facts about Montenegro

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Montenegro is officially the smallest Slavic state and one of the smaller states in Europe in general. It is located on the shores of Adriatic sea and if you have read it these days it is entering NATO pact. Just a short drive below Croatian Dubrovnik, you would come to Montenegro and it’s also famous Budva and Kotor. It’s one of those ideal places to visit and relax on Adriatic and we personally suggest you visit both Croatian and Montenegrin coast for full Adriatic tour enjoyment and cultural enrichment of Southern Slavs. Montenegrins are an old Slavic nation with has rich history as much as it’s rich in nature and wonderful landscapes, so what can we say rather than, we have some interesting facts about Montenegro that you should read about:

1. Montenegro in 1992. officially declared an ecological state. It is the only of its kind in the world.

2.Village Crkvice is a place in Montenegro with the highest annual rainfall in Europe.

3. Biogradska Gora is one of the few remaining rainforests in Europe. This rainforest is home to numerous plant and animal species.

4.Bojana is the only river in the world that flows downstream and upstream due to the configuration of the terrain.

5. Seafarers Stevan Vukotic (1823-1826) under Russian and Ivo Visin (1853-1859) under the Austro-Hungarian flag were the first sailors from South-slavic lands who sailed around the world.

6. Christian relics, the icon of the Virgin Filermosa, particles of the Holy Cross and the hand of St. John the Baptist are located in Cetinje.

7.In the teritory of today’s Montenegro (Obod) in 1493 was printed the first Cyrillic book in the Slavic South, Oktoih Prvoglasnik.

8. Montenegrin ruler Petar Petrovic Njegos proposed to Russian Tsar Alexander I in 1807 the creation of Slavo-serbian empire.

9. In the past, tribal affiliation played an important role in the life of the Montenegrin population. Most people today also know their tribal origins. Some of the tribes names in Montenegro are: Drobnjaci, Vasojevići, Moračani Piper, Bijelopavlići.

10. The majority of the Orthodox population of Montenegro celebrates the krsna slava, a custom which originated in pre-Christian period.

11. Montenegro is one of the founding members of the Red Cross, as well as the first country to introduce car carriage of post (1903.).

12. The first inter-city bus service in Europe between Montenegrin towns of Podgorica and Cetinje was introduced in the time of King Nikola.

13. Montenegro in 1904 declared war on the Japanese Empire and with one detachment participated in the Russo-Japanese war (1904.-1905). The peace agreement between Montenegro and Japan was signed in 2006. ( photo 5 Aleksandar Lekso Saičić hero of Russo-Japanese war)

14. Matej Zmajević (1680-1735) was one of the greatest admirals of the Russian navy, by faith Catholic, lived in Montenegro, Croatia and Russia.

15. The Tara canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe (1333m) and second in the world. In Montenegro, there is another canyon that stands out for its beauty, Nevidio. The first organized exploration of the canyon was in midlle of last century.

16. Montenegro is the world’s best when it comes to the number of mobile phones per capital, according to data from 2013, on every inhabitant comes 1.6 mobile phones.

17. On the other hand, the citizens of Montenegro used slowest internet in Europe, averaged speed is 5,76MB / s.

18. The most famous Montenegrin export products are wine ”Vranac “and smoked ham (njeguški pršut). (photo 7)

19. On the mountain Visitor is a lake with the unified floating islands that according to legend emerged from the barge where ranchers kept their livestocks during night.

20. Velika plaža in Ulcinj (12.5 km) is one of the longest sand beaches in Europe. This place is not only for swimming, also you can enjoy horseback riding, kite surfing, beach soccer and volleyball.

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