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20 Weird and Innovative Army Vehicles from Ukraine

Times of war are also always the time when economy drops and when people have to use innovation and things they have to create something new. This is a perfect example of such situation, where Ukrainian army had to make totally unique “never-made-before” tanks and armored vehicles for their army. During the latest unfortunate conflicts between two recently brotherly Slavic states, Ukraine and Russia, their armies have created a variety of pretty weird looking vehicles.

Take a look pretty as you will surely find this pretty unique and cool.

Look what our East Slavic crafty mechanics have made:

1462940424_voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_19 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_29 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_28 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_26 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_27 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_22 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_21 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_20 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_18 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_17 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_15 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_14 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_13 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_11 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_09 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_08 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_04 (1)  voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_01 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_24 voennaya_tehnika_ukraina_23

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What do you think?

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