20,000 People on Rally for Education Reform in Croatia

Over 20,000 people have created a massive rally in Croatia to call for reform of the education system, it was a non-political rally to change how young Croats will get education. European Union’s newest member country had to deal with a Rally that came under the slogan “Croatia Can Do Better” and it was held this Wednesday in the capital, Zagreb and dozen other Croatian towns. Croatia is in process of overhaul of it’s education system to bring it closer to the EU standards but only a fragment of this reform was made since 2013.

The head of an expert team in charge of the overhaul recently resigned, complaining of pressure from the conservative government.

Protesters in Zagreb said that education is crucial for the country’s future and future of their children. Some students said they “don’t want to be hostages of an incompetent and irresponsible political elite.”

It was a large protest against politics of two largest Croatian parties both left and right on political spectrum that in their mutual war affect the development of Croatia as a nation.

Do politics ruin your country too?

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