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  • Vampire graves from Poland explained

    Vampire graves from Poland explained- When archaeologists last year in Poland found the graves with skeletons, many have assumed that this is the people who are buried on such a way because it was suspected that they are vampires. But […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Mystic monuments from the former Yugoslavia

    Mystic Monuments from the former Yugoslavia – Today you will see the long lost monuments that can be found in countries of the former Yugoslavia. Yugoslav state was formed after second world war which was the bloodiest war that human […] More

  • Forgotten hotel Europa in Macedonia

    Forgotten hotel Europa in Macedonia – not that long ago two guys by the name Mike Powell and Juergen Horn on their trip thought Balkan Slavic state Macedonia suddenly came across the opportunity to become urban explorers in abandoned structures. We […] More

  • Futuristic ZIL vehicle

    The newest set of multipurpose military vehicle by ZIL looks pretty out of this world and that is why we wanted to present to all Slavorumers and car enthusiasts among them the newest technological marble. By request of the defense […] More

  • Beneath the mysterious Moscow

    Beneath the mysterious Moscow – These magnificent photos aren’t from an interior of Star Wars Death Star. These photos are different undeground parts of Moscow. What makes it more special is that an average person can’t access these places as […] More

  • Russian police to use reindeers to catch criminals

    Russian police will soon get new means of transport in the autonomous district Jamal, which has about half a million inhabitants. Large ‘ ice ‘ district, which itself most of the year can be accessed only from the photo on […] More

  • Amazing Jeravna Village Folk gathering in Bulgaria

    Amazing Jarvina village “The festival of folk costume” – You’re lucky today because Konstanting Panchev brought us amazing set of photos of one beautiful Slavic tradition and festival in Bulgaria. It is an event that is held annual in village […] More

  • Another giant crater just appeared in Russia

    Giant crater just appeared in Russia – Today again it has suddenly happened, the dreaded giant hole appeared in Siberia. This time with houses disappeared inside the holes. There seems to be no casualties but private property and land of […] More

  • Slavik is the most fashionable homeless Ukrainian

    Slavik  from Ukraine – homeless man, known only by the name Slavik, has attracted public attention after it was accidentally on the street noticed by the Ukrainian photographer Dyachyshyn Yurko, who then began to photograph him. Both series of commemorative […] More

  • Scariest Skull Czermna Chapel is from Poland

    Scariest Skull Czermna Chapel is from Poland – you would probably wonder is it really a chapel or some horror movie site. But it actually is a chapel, authentic one, and did we mention that is would scare and creep […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Prague is the most Gothic city on earth

    Prague is the most Gothic city on earth –  Yeah you heard it, no other city can match it by it’s scary medieval Gothic architecture. Gothicism is the architectural period primarily of the Late Middle Ages in the area of […] More

  • Russian photographing cute foxes at Arctic circle

    Russian fighting boredom at Arctic circle with cute foxes – Russia’s remote north-eastern Chukotka region is an inhospitable arctic tundra, actually the place is so amazing even tho it has this harsh landscape. Luckily for us Russian photographer Ivan Kislov […] More

  • Amazing Tatra Mountains of Poland

    Amazing Tatra Mountains of Poland – We will now take you to a journey to Poland. Oh yes that great Slavic country in central Europe hides some amazing jewels that not many people did see. You have to be breave […] More

  • Siberian mystery craters explored by Russian explorers

    Siberian mystery craters explored by Russian explorers – you probably remember those large mysterious holes that appeared all across Siberia. As they are still a mystery a team of explorers was sent to discover how they came. The team was […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful OpaaaOpaaa

    Real Unicorn found in Slovenia

    Real Unicorn found in Slovenia – Yes this really is a unicorn, and it was shot by a hunter in Celje, Slovenia, in August, the roe deer has an extremely rare type of antler deformity, likely caused by an injury […] More

  • Whacky buildings from Slavic countries

    Whacky buildings from Slavic countries – it’s your lucky day because we’re just to bring you some of the most interesting, funny and weird architecture jewels from Slavic countries. Some of these buildings did really become real tourist destinations and […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Maryana Naumova visits Kim Jong-un

    Strongest girl on the planet Maryana Naumova visits Kim Jong-un – She wrote a letter to North Korean Kim Jong-iL and asked him to show her his country which is so much rumoured about from western media. The response came […] More

  • Polish Vang stave church

    This amazing piece of architecture is a Vang stave church (Polish: Świątynia Wang), which is a stave church which was bought by the famous Prussian King and transferred from Vang located in Norway and re-erected in 1842 in Brückenberg near […] More

  • Fantasy becomes real with Russian photography

    Darya Kondratyeva, a photographer from Moscow that has created probably the most enchanting photos that seem like re-interpretations of old fairy-tales, legends but some comic heroines as well. The models in her photos seem like they could be from witches, […] More

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