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  • Bulgarian Gold of Thracians exhibited in Moscow Museum

    Thracian culture is one of the mysterious parts of Slavic Balkan state Bulgaria. Thracian’s culture was famous for it’s amazing amount of golden relics, artifacts and artistically rich remains they left. This time the famous and very valuable Thracian gold […] More

  • Unusual building in Slovak High Tatras

    If you ever will wonder on beautiful High Tatras of Slovakia you will maybe come upon a strange little structure that will look as if it is from another planet. This little house is actually a Slovakian Lodge that stands […] More

  • Brave Russian surfers on ice freezing Pacific ocean

    Group of Russian surfers were waiting a whole week to surf and finally when they came to the Pacific ocean beach they were accompanied by wind and snowfall. The plan was to remove the athletes from their safe zone to […] More

  • Rare crystal clear lake found in Slovakia by hikers

    Two Slovak climbers during their little expedition to High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia came to a lake. What they found there is a completely frozen and transparent lake. As you can check in the video they have been walking over the […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Amazing Ukrainian folklore becomes magic

    Ukrainian folklore is as beautiful as in other Slavic cultures, however what makes a difference now is a skilled group of Ukrainian photographers and stylist made the most amazing Slavic themed photo set ever. This time view the world of […] More

  • When it snows in Vladivostok it snows like hell

    Vladivostok is a Russian city and the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean. The city has 594,701 of inhabitants, (from 2002). The city‘s main port on the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy. City connects with Moscow Trans-Siberian railway, […] More

  • Russian photo story from Rovinj in Croatia

    Famous Russian photographer and blogger Daniel Kordan in one of his many trips visited Croatia, more precise a beautiful coastal Croatian town by the name “Rovinj”. A town founded by Celto-Illyrians, developed by Romans and later Slavicized by Croats and […] More

  • When lake Baikal becomes ice and you can ice-skate

    When Lake Baikal freezes, it becomes a large ice desert and many adventure enthusiast will then take their skates and enjoy their day there while taking amazing photos of the frozen area. As one of the largest and most beautiful […] More

  • Kombucha – Slavic Natural Antibiotic

    Kombucha – a symbiosis of different bacteria and yeast, which arose in vivo. Kombucha was so popular among the residents of various nationalities that mention of it can be found in almost every culture. This is not surprising, because in […] More

  • Best photos from Russian photography contest

    There is a website where they have a photo competition each month. The theme is usually wondeful pictures from Russia and it’s held on website. What you will see now is the most interesting selection of photos from the Russian […] More

  • Beautiful Slavic countries covered in ice and snow

    If you ever wondered where to go during winter months and vacations, we might have a conclusion for you! Why not visit one of the Slavic countries that are more than beautiful during winter too. Wheen degerees fall below -20° […] More

  • You will never freeze as much as Siberians do

    Siberia in winter is something you can’t understand if you don’t live there. Thanks to this blogger who brought us some pictures from his trip throught a mining village in Siberia you can now for the first time at least […] More

  • Amazing steampunk animals by Russian Igor Verniy

    Amazing steampunk animals by Russian Igor Verniy  – Russia and Slavic countries in general have always been a birth-place of many gifted artists, painters, musicians and today we bring you one steapmpunk genius artists. Igor Verniy, a talented sculptor from […] More

  • Russia made Hobbit movie before it was cool

    The Hobbit movie was already made before! Yeah, before it was even cool and before many of you were even born. It was a 1985 Soviet film adaption of the famous J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1937 book The Hobbit by […] More

  • Church of St. Andrew at Vuoksa

    Small wooden church of St. Andrew is located in the river Vuoksi in the Leningrad region. Built in 2000, the church fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s only church built on a tiny island, which serves […] More

  • Werewolf remains found by Bulgarian farmer

    In Macedonian south, a farmer from Novo Selo near Strumica, Trajče Draganov claims that during plowing, on their their excavated a wooden box tied with chains containing a skull of a creature that looks like a werewolf. Werewolves are part […] More

  • Amazing Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

    The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is located in Moscow, Russia and is dedicated to USSR space exploration and achievements. The museum is located within the base of the soaring Monument to the Conquerors of Space in the north-east of Moscow. […] More

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