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  • Cute Baby Penguin from Krasnoyarsk

    In Krasnoyarsk park of Russian flora and fauna there is a little miracle, and that is a growing cute penguin named Tschudi. This little Penguin kid hatched three months ago from the eggs in the incubator. Why this is special is because Tschudi […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Ukrainian Photographer Makes Imagination Real

    Anita Anti, a Ukrainian photographer from New York shows us ther beautiful collection of fairytale images she created. Portraits of animals, women and wonderful nature will give you a chance to dive into a mythological Slavic world. Lately a lot […] More

  • Adventurous Exploring of Tolbachik Volcano

    Tolbachik volcano is an amazing area, and you will see how it looks to drive over it today. On some days they roamed the Martian landscape of the southern slope Tolbachik, and then, finally, they were led to a large […] More

  • Amazing Slavic Mythology Calendar Art

    We all love art, also many of us share a bond to history of our nations. So thanks to Russian artist Igor Ozhiganov we now have one of the most amazing Pagan Slavic calendars that many of you would like […] More

  • Meanwhile in Slavia

    Time for some relaxation is always the best. So we will deliver you some cool videos that range from just odd to very hilarious. We made a short collection of mind-confusing happenings that range from dangerously-cute as feeding wild bears […] More

  • Russian Artist Brings Russian Folklore To Life

    Uldus Bakhtiozina a Russian artists and master of Photography created unique version of Russian fairy tales and history. Pagan Slavic roots and ethno folklore are the focus of her work, true Russian lands in her eyes. From Euro-Asian mythology to […] More

  • Dobšiná the Amazing Slovak Ice Cave

    Slovak paradise is the mountain range, and the cave in it is officially in UNESCO World Heritage. The ice cave has a thickness that can reach 26.5m thus making it one of the most amazing and significant ice caves on […] More

  • Hercules Machine Cutting World’s Largest Coal Mine

    Hercules is it’s name, and it’s a massive machine that is used to dig open coal mines, and this one is located in Kazahstan city of Ekibastuze. Russian blogger took these photos just in the time they were operating this […] More

  • Deluxe compact new Lada for only 13000 dollars

    The price of this ordinary-looking car VAZ 2103 (or known as Lada outside of Russia) is 797 000 rubles which is about 13k US dollars. Why to pay that kind of money, you ask? Yes, at least for the fact […] More

  • Taste of Democracy: The first McDonald’s in Moscow

    First Russian McDonalds was open in 1990’s. This are the pictures from 2 dozen years ago when the first Russian McDonald customers entered this fast food chain and enjoyed their first BigMack. Why we report this is because this first […] More

  • Don’t get lost in Polish Bieszczady Mountains

    We all love hiking, however during harsh winter times it can be very dangerous. Thanks to few brave people that took this photo story we can see how snow covered Bieszczady Mountain tops look like. Looking at these one will […] More

  • Adventure in amazing Polish Karkonosze Mountains

    Poland is a large country, and with a large country great natural wonders come as well. One of the natural wonders in Poland is Karkonosze Mountines ( or also written Krkonoše ) which are a large mountain range that is […] More

  • Introduction to Russian Combat Robot Avatar

    Machine as if it came from a science fiction movie came face to face with Russian President Vladimir Putin: a killer robot developed for combat in a demonstration in town Klimovsk, organized by the Russian Defense Institute “Tochmash”. Lastest development […] More

  • Unusual steam and ice in Crimea

    Georgiy Sedelnikov, a photographer from Russia made some interesting photos of an effect where due to such extreme temperature in Crimea the steam turns into ice figures. How this happens? Well it’s because the air is colder than the water […] More

  • Cool but dangerous Slavic Kindergarden

    Someone took a photo of this old Slavic decorated house Near Tver city and placed it on internet. However the funny thing was it was later discovered that this is this old damaged building is actually a kindergarden. The house […] More

  • Permafrost Kingdom in Russian Yakutsk

    Located just 30 km out of Yakutsk city, the Permafrost Kingdom’s tunnel walls lead visitors through a network of caves packed with an extensive collection of eerily lit ice sculptures. Replicas of the Venus de Milo and Egyptian pharaohs sit […] More

  • Buran from Soviet Space Program

    During the Cold War space race, reusable space craft to rival American Space shuttle was made. The Soviet Union has built a modern reusable space craft named Buran more advanced (both in terms of reliability and payload capability) than the […] More

  • Abandoned Train Graveyard in Poland

    Częstochowa a greaty city of southern Poland located on the Warta River with over 240 thousand inhabitants has been situated in what Poles call the Silesian Voivodeship all the way back since 1999. The city was also previously known as […] More

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