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  • Mriya World Biggest Aircraft

    An-225 Mriya is the biggest and heaviest airlift cargo aircraft ever in human history that has taken off in the sky. The maximum limit takeoff weight makes 640 tons. An-225 was designed, due to the space program need to create the air […] More

  • Launching Soyuz Missile in Baikonur

    The key point of few bloggers route was the Baikonur Cosmodrome. In order to catch the rocket launch, they had to sacrifice a lot, but it was worth it. Seeing in real life a carried out successful launch of a […] More

  • Monster Tornados in Novorossiysk

    Novorossiysk, Russia – Nearby few monster tornadoes appeared back in 2010. and the scary part about it was their size and the fact they appeared on the open sea where at the time several Russian tankers were stationed. The scary […] More

  • This is not Mordor, this is Kamchatka

    You might have thought on a second you are looking at a scene from Lord of the Rings where Frodo and his fellowship struggle through a land of Volcanoes called Mordor, but it’s Kamchatka and for a land of Volcanoes […] More

  • Adrspach-Teplice Rock Town in Czech Republic

    Many people visit Czech Republic and they go straight to Prague which is undoubtedly most famous and beautiful part of Czech Republic…but, not that much travelers ever leave the amazing capital and venture to the other side of this land, […] More

  • Climbing On Top Of The Moscow Star

    Few students from Moscow decided to fulfill their long-held dream, to visit and climb the great Moscow star. For three years they thought that to get up there was impossible, because it is not open for public and is under […] More

  • Beautiful Photography by Ukrainian Artist Tatyana

    There is an amazing skilled photogpraher by the name Tatyana Nevmerzhytska from Ukrianian capital Kiev. She likes to take photographs as a hoby and work but now she has raised it up to a new level where she started to […] More

  • Agni Amazing Slavic Clothing Brand

    If you ever wanted to dress like a true Slav but you would like the Slavic culture blended with some newer styles we have a solution for you. Agni is a team of smart individuals that have created a brand […] More

  • Poland Sending Military Personnel To Help Ukraine

    New turn of events have occurred and Poland together with UK will send military advisers and Intel military personnel to Ukraine in order to help train the country’s army troops. It is said that in March the final decision will […] More

  • Moscow Palace of Prince Yusupov

    Russian noblemen of the 17th century, the Prince Yusupov, favored this palace located Between the Garden and the Boulevard Ring (Sadovoye and Bulvarnoye Koltso). This part of the Moscow city is still decorated by this beautiful Volkov-Yusupov Chambers in spite […] More

  • Sasha The Siberian Baby Wolly Rhino

    Russia will just not stop surprising us, so this week an amazing discovery took place in Siberia, Russia. It was the baby woolly rhinoceros that was preserved due to well know Siberian Perrmafrost, so discovery of this magnitute has been […] More

  • Polish Artist Creates Amazing Slavic Woodart

    Poland – Jacek Wydrzyński has graduated on the Folk University of Lesser Poland in Wzdów where he was schooled during his education in the field of arts, wood art and professional dying. Out of all art courses he liked the […] More

  • Yakutsks Tunnel Museum Of Permafrost

    Russian Yakutsk has become source of viral photos on the internet due to how winters are cold there. It’s a land where everything is frozen, and to tourists one of the most cool places to visit in Yakutsk, Russia, is […] More

  • Brutal Tank Biathlon in Primorye

    Russians call it “The Tank Biathlon” and it’s kind of a big event that has become popular even outside of Russia. To be a part of this you have to have a tank, so mostly army personel comes to compete […] More

  • Russian Folklore Art By Fyodor Vasilyev

    Russian artist Fyodor Vasilyev (1850 – 1873). He lived only 23 years, but left a great mark on the painting. This legendary painter, Fyodor Vasilyev, was born in Gatchina as a child of a government official, Alexander Vasilyevich Vasilyev, and […] More

  • Nestinarstvo The Bulgarian Fire Dance

    Nestrinarstvo is an amazing fiery ritual originally performed in several villages of the Bulgarian side of the Strandzha Mountain, near the Black Sea coast. The ritual involves dance barefoot on the broken coals (Aravena, cinders) performing Nestinari (Nestinari). It is […] More

  • Chelyabinsks Meteorite, Three Suns and Blue Snow

    The inhabitants of Chelyabinsk, Russian city above which the 2013 meteor exploded, upset are after blue snow has fallen in their town as reported by “Russia Today” (RT). “When dawn came, we saw blue roofs, blue parking, blue cars in […] More

  • Cool Walkway Between Buildings in Poland

    These are ideas that arise from the need of the moment to actual realization that turns out to be very useful and cool. This particular need was born on a hot summer day spent in the office, when thoughts strayed […] More

  • From Past Leningrad Into St.Petersburg of Today

    History is something we often forget in a fast manner. We see it as something that happened in a different realm, something not as real as the world in this moment around us. That is why one Russian photographer decided […] More

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