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  • Meanwhile In Czech Republic

    Dragoon Ride – Dragoons – US Army Sending Armored Convoy 1,100 Miles Through Europe under the mission called ‘Strength & Solidarity’ as US military convoy rolls through Europe. US Army Strykers Roll Out Near Russian Border to enforce military operation […] More

  • 500 year old Easter Egg discovered in Lviv

    Ornate pysanky, an 500-year-old Ukrainian Easter egg was found at a depth of 5.5 meters as Kiyv post reports. During an obviously gentle excavation of a 15th-16th century rainwater collection system on Shevska St. in central Lviv in Ukraine. The […] More

  • Walking Under The Clouds In Ai-Petri, Ukraine

    Do you want to walk under the clouds? If yes, you can have a excellent expirience of this in Ai-Petri, Ukraine.  The suspension bridges are new there, making it a cool place for tourists. An excellent experience! Ai-Petri is one […] More

  • Polish Early Slavic Museum in Carpathian Troy

    Archaeological Open Air Museum in Trzcinica Carpathian Troy is a unique place on the map, not only for Poland, but also for Europe. The first traces of settlement in this site come from 2100, entitled Ch, a former Slavs took […] More

  • Monsters Attack Sofia Capital of Bulgaria

    Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria is under attack by huge silly monsters and a bit of unique doodle art.  This cools series called “Sofia Monsters” are a unique way to promote their towns in a unique way so you can […] More

  • Archaeologist Find Axe With Marks of Rurik

    Expedition of the Institute of Archaeology have been opened and studied the remains of a medieval burial ground burial mounds near the village of Shekshovo in Suzdal. Burial mound near the village Shekshovo known as one of the largest in […] More

  • Ancient Kukeri Tradition Performed in Bulgaria

    The Bulgarian ritual masquerade games called KUKERI dating in almost ancient Balkan history is still well preserved in Bulgaria and every year it is celebrated for generations. It’s original intend is to scare evil spirits away from local villages and […] More

  • Belarusian Businessmen Restoring Whole Abandoned Village

    Few decades as a village Tenevichi vegetated and of half a dozen houses were only a few living in the district executive committee to think seriously about how to completely wiped off the map. A similar fate befell many Belarusian […] More

  • Novgorod Antiquity and Carved Wood.

    In the first published edition made of wood works of folk art of ancient Novgorod (X-XV centuries.). Amazing items found during archaeological excavations and among them are household products, architectural carvings, wooden sculpture, toys and other objects and items that […] More

  • Calendar With Traditional Holidays of the Slavs

    “Russia is eternal” – a calendar encyclopedia, which in addition to illustrations provided information on “svyatodnyah” – traditional holiday of the Slavs, showing their essence and significance. Objective of the project – in an accessible and interesting way to convey […] More

  • Slavic Clothing on Valentino Fashion Week in Paris

    The world-famous fashion designer Valentino Fashion Week in Paris introduced a new collection Spring-Summer 2015, created on the basis of national costumes of the eastern Slavs from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Collection provoked an extraordinary sensation, and the audience appreciated […] More

  • Beautiful Slavic Folklore Photography With Julia Galimova

    Russia – Another photography event has happened in Russia with famous Russian models Julia Galimova and Ekaterina Soboleva. The photographer that made these amazing photos was Andrey Yakovlev and he did his best to display a beauty of Russian Slavic […] More

  • Giant Humanoid Skeleton Discovered in Bulgaria

    This year Bulgarian Archaeologists have discovered giant skeleton remains located of the Black Sea bay city called Varna. In first reports they archeologists suggested the man lived in 4th to 5th century period and they were very impressed by the […] More

  • Aurora Borealis Enchants The Russian Sky

    Two days ago people in central parts of Russia had a rare chance to see amazing aurora borealis forming in their night skies. Aurora Borealis isn’t that rare in norther parts of Russia but is very rare in southern regions […] More

  • Siberian Huskies Playing On Frozen Russian Lake

    Fox Grom, a Russian photographer has captured for us some of the most amazing Siberian Husky images on a frozen lake in Russia. Siberian Husky is one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet so add to that […] More

  • Slovak Photographer Makes Cool Heavy Metal Photography

    Peter Majkut a skilled photographer came to a great idea to make a heavy metal “Dark Machine” photography shooting. This work is inspired by a science fiction storyline and dark gloomy atmosphere as if from another another galaxy. His photos […] More

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