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  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    Traditional Medical Herbs In Slavic Baths

    Since ancient times in Slavic countries in the north, and especially Russia, sauna was considered to attribute to a healthy way of life of any person. Indeed, the benefits from the bath is much greater than the disadvantages. And if they properly […] More

  • Visiting Mystical Manpupuner Stone Pillar Giants

    Someone thought it was an alien landscape or painted graphics? You probably did as we are accustomed to believe that to see and witness most strange and magnificent things we have to go somewhere far away, like another galaxy or […] More

  • Book of Veles Controversial Facts And It’s Future

    Are there any taboo subjects in modern science today? We hope not, however, Anatoly Klyosov seen as one of the most taboo scientists on topics of Russian history. Why the study of “Veles Book” can lead to the loss of […] More

  • Beer Paradise Spa Only In Czech Republic

    There is so many different spa treatments today offered, for the health of your skin and body that to be honest it’s hard to choose which one to pay for. Also many that undergo such health treatments often like it […] More

  • Flight Over Ancient Pereslavl City In Russia

    Photographer and blogger Andrey decided to do a adrenalin filled photo shoot of a ancient city in Russia, the city of Pereslavl. Andrey got bored of all the same natural shots of nature and cities from ground that he often […] More

  • Sofia Nikitchuk Miss Russia 2015

    Every year a new contest, every year a new Miss Russia, a show has been running since early 1992. Sofia Nikitchuk from from Yekaterinburg was awarded 3 million rubles which is about 60000 USD, a car and a privilege to […] More

  • Babolovskiy Chalice The Worlds Largest Bathtub

    St. Petersburg is not home just of amazing arhitecture, art but also of many interesting items such as “Babolovskiy Chalice” or should we say it in English language “Bathroom of the Russian Empire”. This is one of a kind masterpiece, […] More

  • Russian Models Take Photos With Ton Heavy Bear

    Russia started a new anti-hunting campaign, and a famous Russian models as Lidia Fetisova and Maria Sidorova took part in this amazing photo-shoot with a massive As a part of an anti-hunting campaign, Russian models Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisova […] More

  • Wandering Through Stopića Cave In Serbia

    Stopića cave is one of the most famous caves in Serbia. It is located about 250 km from Belgrade, 30 km from Uzice and 19 km from the regional road Uzice-Adriatic Sea, in the area of ​​Zlatibor. Above the cave […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful Kurwa!Kurwa! Blyat!Blyat!

    People of Slovakia – how Slavs look like

    The Slovaks or also called Slovak people (plural Slováci, singular/plural masculine: Slovák/Slováci, singular/plural feminine: Slovenka/Slovenky) are a group of West Slavic people (closely related to other Slavic populations) and they primary inhabit Slovakia and speak the Slovak language that falls under […] More

  • Mystical Pyramids Erected Across Russia

    There are strange reports that come from various different parts of Russia about pyramid structures being erected in great numbers. Local populations are kind of scared of these structures, and as you can see they look menacing and dark themselves. […] More

  • Horoscope and Zodiac Signs As Gopniks

    Horoscope has always been a thing people believe in, and Zodiac signs are something we all have. Lucky for us Mikhail Khan created drawings of zodiac signs in a Slavic way, the true Slav-Squat-Gopnik-culture way. This is a reflection of […] More

  • Traditional Slavic Hardening Of The Body

    Hardening of the body is a system of procedures that increases the body’s resistance to adverse environmental effects, the development of conditioned reflex reactions in order to improve it. Hardening – a kind of training the body’s defenses, preparing them […] More

  • Prohodna Eyes of God Cave In Bulgaria

    Prohodna – one of the most famous and the most easily accessible caves in Bulgaria, located 2 km from the village called Karlukovo and 112 km from Sofia. The cave is a natural rock bridge with length of 262m and […] More

  • Production Of Slavic Decorated Zhostovo Trays

    Zhostovo craft originated in the early XIX century, when a number of suburban towns and villages of the former Trinity Parish (now Chekhov district, Moscow region) had workshops for the manufacturing of painted lacquer that ware made of paper. The […] More

  • Five Meters From Wild Bears On Kamchatka

    Andrew Cyrus Kamchatka, an adventurer, blogger and traveler  was able to capture a very interesting scene, just a few meters from wild bears. In the natures sanctuary came a scientist from Germany to study the habits of these wild bears. […] More

  • Neanderthal Claw Necklace Found in Croatia

    Eight, well preserved complete talons of the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) from the Krapina region with Neanderthal site in present-day Croatia may be part of a jewelry collection, says a team of scientists led by Dr David Frayer of the […] More

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