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  • Putinspiration: When Putin Invades Instagram

    In our modern days when internet connects each of us and gives us all the chance to be the stars of the web, is it really strange that a person in charge of a super power becomes a star? Of course not, […] More

  • Poles Made The Biggest 3D Mural In Poznan

    Poles made a interesting thing these day, a huge gigantic mural that is celebrating the historical town of Śródka. You probably don’t know wth Śródka but that doesn’t matter, because mural is in focus for you awe. It will be […] More

  • Traditional Protection From Viruses and Colds

    Today we rely a lot on modern medicine in form of pills and supplements and essentially there is nothing wrong with that because this after all is our advance in technology. However, sometimes we do over-do-it and keep popping pills when there are actually natural […] More

  • 10 Awesome Places That Slavs Hide From You

    We bet you are tired from working and you would rather be anywhere else right now. So lucky for you here is some eye candy for your tired eyes! Behold and see some things that you might have not known before, nor […] More

  • Belorussian President Lukashenko Farming Potatoes

    All presidents have their PR agencies and they use their spare time to enjoy themselves and send a message to their people. So if Obama can watch bears with bear Grylls or Putin can ride horses and enjoy wild-hunting so can […] More

  • When One Culture Starts To Disappear

    Are we on a brink of new age of some sort? Might be, because our old culture and what our ancestors gave us many don’t nurture neither care for. Many look blindly onto the future, not knowing that without past […] More

  • Mammoth skeleton old 126,000 years found in Russia

    Siberia just keeps bringing us new interesting news from gigantic holes to now a giant completely intact steppe mammoth skeleton found in Norther Russia. The best part about it is it dates back from 126,000 years in history so what […] More

  • Slovenians Know Their Weather

    They have proverbs, myths and legends all dealing with the prediction of weather. For centuries they were closely tied and dependent on the land. They were also a lot better at paying attention to it, because it meant survival. While […] More

  • Beaded Necklace Among Slavic Women In History

    The word “beads” in the modern sense began to be used in the Russian language within the seventeenth century, until then, apparently, Slavs called this kind of decoration simply “necklace”, or in other words “that is worn around the neck.” […] More

  • Doom Clouds Over Kamchatka Spread Fear

    These days like we can see the signs of impeding doom all over the world. Strange things happen, wars bloom, blood moons shined twice this year and nothing can go without strange happening in Russia as well. These days, on […] More

  • Excavated Slavic Idol Twice Older Than Pyramids

    A mysterious wooden statue, drawn from wetlands in eastern Russia back in the 19th century is old 11 000 years, as latest research says. It’s age was established by a team of German scientists, and this is the oldest wooden statue in the world showing the birth […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    10 Tesla Discoveries We Can’t Live Without

    Nikola Tesla was a man that changed our civilization to it’s foundations. Nikola was a genius visionary, inventor, scientists and thinker that human kind has produced and with his intellect he was able to achieve anything his mind wanted. His knowledge in electrical […] More

  • Putin and Medvedev Bodybuilding Tea Party

    These days internet on the Eastern side of our Europe is again blooming with numerous funny memes that are being produced on Russian social network VKontakte. Why you ask? Because on August 30st, President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry […] More