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  • Can you handle the cuteness of Siberian Cats?

    Siberia, Russia – Internet is full of cats and this is a trend that won’t stop as people are obsessed with these little fur balls. Funny cat images are here to stay, so our feline fans could have a chance […] More

  • Belorussian Barbie has become Muay Thai Champion

    There is a new female worldwide Muay Thai champion these days, a Belarus “Barbie” by the name Ekaterina as reported by Belorussian Onliner. She successfully has broken the mainstream perspective that a fighting women has to be rugged and man-like, […] More

  • Chewbacca getting arrested in Odessa, Ukraine

    No, this is not a Star Wars PR trick before the movie! You see in Ukraine a lot of strange things happen lately like: Darth Vader applying for president of Ukraine here, replacing Lenin statues with Darth Vader here, lot of […] More

  • The Beautiful Music of Macedonia

    Macedonia has widely been regarded as the cradle of Slavic literacy and Christianity rooted in the diverse and complex history of the region. Macedonian music is just as assorted and compound, a colorful blend of ancient Slavic rhythms and melodies, […] More

  • When Lenin becomes Darth Vader in Ukraine

    Lenin and ex-Soviet monuments are not popular these days in Ukraine due to another Slavic war between Ukraine and Russia. In other words things that used to connect two nations (Lenins fight for workers rights and fight against “feudal” system) […] More

  • Mari the Last Pagans in Europe

    In the center of Russia, on the left bank of the Volga between Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, the Mari ( a Volga Finnic ethnic group ) keep their culture and religion based on the belief in the power of nature. Early […] More

  • Slavic Children That Grew Up Like Animals

    Ready for some scary stories? We didn’t have any such paranormal stories for quite some time, so we brought you up some interestingly weird stories about children that grew up like animals in Slavic countries. This is no effort to […] More

  • 5 Russian Laws That You Didn’t Know About

    Every land has it’s own laws and these laws are made in accordance with history, religion and even mainstream public opinions. So in Russia lawmakers had various ideas on laws that would ban: McDonald’s, smoking for women under 40, rock […] More

  • Poland Bans Monsanto Food Products

    Poland rejects genetically modified food production as it has officially announced its decision to ban all controversial Monsanto’s GMO crops, in this they have joined other 13 nations that have made the same decision. Polish press agency “Informacyjna Agencja Radiowa […] More

  • Extreme Mud Run Competition in Belarus

    Many of you love sports, right? Well here is one and it’s kind of extreme run competition that looks like hard-core military drill and it is held in Zhodine, just east of Minsk in Belarus. This one was held this […] More

  • 8 Shots Of Auroras Borealis Above Russian Cities

    Aurora Borealis is amazing in every way, once you see it in real it would leave you breathless. Just as in Scandinavian countries, northern Russian sky is also usually covered by Aurora Borealis during winter times, when this spectacular light […] More

  • Mountain Storm Shelters In Slovenia

    We guess there are some Architecture enthusiasts among our fans, as well as hikers and mountaineers. Though don’t worry even if you are not you will at least enjoy these sights that come right to us from Slovenian mountains. Extreme […] More

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