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  • Czech president suggested to remove PM with a Kalashnikov

    Czech Republic is pretty tourbulent latley, more so thanks to the newest mish-mash betwene the Czech President Miloš Zeman and Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka. What happend is pretty common in all countries, politicisans fight eachtoehr, however this was a bit […] More

  • Recipe: How to make delicious Sarma dish

    About Sarma In most Balkan countries Sarma has become a traditional dish, so indigenous that many consider the product specifically to be their national cuisine (i.e. Slavic) however truth to be told, Sarma is a traditional Turkish dish as far as it […] More

  • Russia – travel tips, advice and info you need

    Russia is a federal country that stretches across the vast areas of Eastern Europe and northern Asia. With an area of 17,075,400 square kilometers, Russia represents the greatest country the world. It is a country rich in history, and therefore […] More

  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Warsaw

    Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of one glorious country, Poland! Now your knowledge on Poland or Warsaw could be sparse, but let us help you a bit then. It’s just over 260 kilometers away from the beautiful […] More

  • Unforgettable Kayaking Adventure in Russia on -27°C

    Do you love adventures? Well if you do, you will love this as what is more adventurous than kayaking on -27° degrees surrounded by a frost river? Thanks to a blogger and adventurer from Russia, I. Podgorny from Karelia, he […] More

  • Moscow City Just Like A Christmas Fairytale

    Christmas is amazing time of the year, naturally in such time capital cities try to invest as much as possible in all the little things to make these festivals of joy just the way it should be. Russian largest and capital […] More

  • The Murals of Kyiv: Art revolution of Ukraine

    There comes a time when everyone had enough of war, debts, chaos, negativity and this is the time when good things start to happen. In such spirit across Ukraine a group of both International and Ukrainian young artists have come […] More

  • 7 types of brooms for Russian baths

    Ever wanted to take a nice Russian baths being sweaty and brushing your self with healthy & natural herbs that will do good for your health. Well many do wish it too, this is why the Russian bathhouses have become […] More

  • Krakowiak the old Polish dance

    Krakow. City whose name comes to mind the famous sausage. But it is not only a famous sausage Krakow at the time it was the capital of Poland until the moment when it became Warsaw. A curious fact: in Poland, […] More

  • One can find Beauty in Russia’s Metro Stations

    You can find beauty everywhere you look in Russia, so does it surprise you Moscows Metro is one of those beauties Russians are proud of? We usually depict metro and underground stations as something dark, grey, ugly and plain right […] More

  • Americans trying Croatian & Serbian snacks

    Youtube bloggers Tasha & Brandon, or brother and sister, entertain viewers with Youtube testing, evaluating and commenting on sweets and snacks from around the world. Thus, the order came onto the warlike south Slavs and very well-known treats from Croatia and […] More

  • “Spasibo, Yuri”: When Vkontakte merges space and Russia

     “Spasibo, Yuri” or in English “Thank you, Yuri” is an irony filled mix of images merging some urban sad scenery of Russian towns with some previous happiness thanks to space exploration and expectancy of bright future. Imagine a different world […] More