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  • Blyat!Blyat!

    The Fall of Volga Bulgars and Rise Of Bulgaria

    You heard of Bulgaria and we all know it in present state of it’s existence. But many people do not know that once instead of Orthodox churches Bulgaria had Minarets and such Bulgaria almost became the most important center inside Europe. Two Bulgarian States Bulgars embraced Islam according to a legend where Ostensibly […] More

  • Recipe: How To Make Bryndzové Halušky

    Bryndzové halušky or sheep cheese dumplings are a Slovak national dish . They are prepared from potatoes , flour , salt , sheep cheese and bacon . A common accessory is “bryndza” noodles, cup of sour milk or whey. There is an annual […] More

  • Bosnian court hasn’t resolved a mans case for 16 years

    War veteran Senad Begic, which is already four days protesting in Cazin, tried today to kill himself with fire, but now, after the intervention of citizens, he is located in Bihac Cantonal Hospital where he receives treatment reports RadioSarajevo. Information was confirmed […] More

  • Croatia – travel tips, advice and info you need

    There are several ways to travel to Croatia and which form of transport you choose depends on which part of the country you come from and how far you plan to travel. Overall, if you do not have a car, you’ll most […] More

  • The Anniversary of the King of Bohemia, Charles IV.

    On the 14 May it is going to be exactly 700 years since Charles IV., the most famous King of Bohemia, was born. This important anniversary will be celebrated all over the country (and even in Germany) especially on places […] More

  • Sokol Movement – from sport to pan-Slavist revolution

    Despite the fact that the Slavs were the most numerous people of Europe, the only independent Slavic state in the first half of the XIX century was Russia. Yet the tendency to preserve and develop their own culture were present […] More

  • Recipe how to make Sataraš

    Sataraš is a dish of vegetables native to Slavic countries. Various similar dishes can be found throughout Central and Southern Europe. They are served warm as an appetizer or a meal with rice or potatoes. Like eating Ratatouille, Sataraš is […] More

  • Czech Republic – travel tips, advice and info you need

    Czech Republic is a relatively small country (78,866 km2 and about 10,241,000 inhabitants), located in the heart of Europe and borders with Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Historically, Czechs have always regarded their country a link between the eastern and […] More

  • Czech Medieval Church Scaring The Hell Out Of Tourists

    Czech Republic is filled with Gothic medieval architecture, so naturally such cities will fill your fantasies when it comes to horror scenes. One such is ladies and gents, the George’s church, a pretty much worn out and in poor condition […] More

  • The Slavic Epic – The Story of Slavs in Paintings

    The Slavic Epic was painted by renowned Czech painter Alfons Mucha who wanted to depict the history of Slavs. It is considered his best work. However, such a work was financially expensive. Mucha obtained grants from CH. R. Crane, a […] More

  • Bulgaria – travel tips, advice and info you need

    In addition to obtaining the star of the European Union, Bulgaria has done a lot on their own development and emancipation, development of infrastructure and changing their own image. Bulgaria is a country whose tourism is in rapid expansion, or […] More

  • The Moravian-Slovakian Year in Kyjov, Czech Republic

    For four days, the town of Kyjov becomes the center of the oldest folklore festival in the Czech Republic aiming to revive folk traditions and customs of the Moravian region. It is the time of a year when local people […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful Kurwa!Kurwa! OpaaaOpaaa Blyat!Blyat!

    Recipe: How to make Pierogi

    Pierogi or pirogi are delicious filled dumplings that are a popular dish in East European nations, mostly Slavic ones. Delicious little dumplings are very popular in Slavic countries such as Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine but also Baltic nations that have been […] More

  • Slovenia – travel tips, advice and info you need

    Slovenia is so small that you could get it passed on foot, and so great that you can explore it endlessly. This green country is in the heart of Europe, at the confluence of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the […] More

  • Russian Creates Realistic Dolls That Will Freak You Out

    Most of you played with dolls (be it barbie or action-man) in your childhood and these dolls were always cartoon-like in their appearance. Russian artist Michael Zajkov’s has started creating disturbingly life like dolls with his impressive skill. He makes […] More

  • Massive Russian Army Drills Continue In 2016

    Large scale Russian military drills continue even in 2016. during harsh winter conditions. Large Mulino range, the largest Russian tank range (also largest in Europe) is the platform for these drills. Name of this drill is “Suvorov’s Onslaught” and it […] More

  • The “Obi-Wan Kenobi” street in Grabowiec, Poland

    It seems Star Wars craze is getting out of control in Eastern Europe, after Ukrainian Darth Vader statues, Darth Vader elections, Darth Vader Polish statue another Star Wars thing happens. This time it is Obi Wan Kenobi, in Poland and […] More

  • Kutna Hora – the medieval treasury of Czech Republic

    Since it’s founding, the town of Kutna Hora has become an important part of Czech history serving as both medieval treasury and center of business. This is a story of a small town with rich history.In 1142 the first Cistercian […] More

  • Poland – travel tips, advice and info you need

    Poland can offer so much, from mountainous areas in the south, excellent for skiing and hiking, through the surprisingly beautiful cities such as Krakow, Gdansk and Zamosc to the National Park Białowieża Forest and Mazurijska lakes in the north. When to visit […] More