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  • Can snake become a dragon? Slavic legends say yes!

    In Slavic mythology spirits of death are believed to be placed in the snakes. It’s believed that every house has snake that lives under the doorstep or fireplace which was in the middle of the house in the early Slavic […] More

  • Beginnings of Polish emigration onto Brazil

    Thinking about the destinations of the polish emigrants the first countries which come to many minds are: United States, Germany, UK and Canada. Probably one of the most known cities with the biggest number of polish descents outside of Poland […] More

  • Czech Liberland invasion on Balkans continues

    The conquerors have come to the new land and the flag has been plunged into the coast of Danube. The free Republic of Liberland has been born along with it’s new self-proclaimed president Vit Jedlicka. Like a true warrior he is […] More

  • Russian Stylist That Makes Every Woman A Queen

    How many times did you read fashion or beauty magazines and felt ugly after viewing them? Konstantin Bogomolov, a Russian photographer based in Riga, decided to get you out of depression with a proof that every women is beautiful! It’s the everyday […] More

  • 6 films to watch before your trip to Slovakia

    Do you want to get the best idea of what Slovakia is really like? Are you eager to learn about its culture, people and history? Tired of reading boring tourist guides? Check out this list of six amazing Slovak movies […] More

  • BlyatifulBlyatiful

    9 metal and alternative bands that make Slavs proud

    Slavic countries and the Slavs are remarkable for the mesmerizing nature, the warmth and hospitality, the unique and delicious food and the specific mentality (we’re impetuous, rash, communicative and friendly, and yet traditional). We are also known for our mythology […] More

  • Shawarmaggedon: Russia bans Kebab and Shawarma

    The Moscow city government decided to ban street vendors of kebabs, explaining the decision because owners of these oriental fast food restaurants refuse to invest in hygiene, as reported by popular independent radio station Echo of Moscow. Muscovites defend their favorite snack on […] More

  • Rijeka – hear the Story of the Dragon City

    Rijeka is the third biggest city in Croatia and is also the largest port and administrative center of Kvarner. Due to it’s perfect geographical position Rijeka was in it’s history one of the largest and leading European ports, and has […] More

  • Incredible Digital Art by Russian Dmitry Bogolyubov

    Digital art is getting more popular day by day, and lucky for us the Russian self-made digital artists and illustrator, Dmitry Bogolyubov, has made some amazing Sci-fi images. He is based in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and his work is mostly inspired […] More

  • Pierogi – one recipe to rule all dumplings

    This is an old Polish recipe. It is well known by Polish emigration that made it also a world-famous recipe for most tasty dumplings you have ever tried. If you have a Polish friend, he will gladly learn you how […] More

  • How Slovenes Harvest Grapes in Dutovlje

    I’m inviting you to check gallery from Grape Harvesting in Dutovlje, a lovely village in west Slovenia, nearby Italian border. I’ve been invited – to pick and shoot – the harvest by Primož, young but experienced winemaker and head of Reškičevi farm, one […] More

  • Liptovská Teplička the Slovak Hobbit Town

    Filmmakers work on the Lord of the Rings scenes for many months, but in Liptovská Teplička they would find their set already done! Centuries-old invention of Slovak ancestors still work and also attract tourists. These are the special cellars for potatoes which were dug many […] More

  • 5 Places You Should Visit In Saint Petersburg

    Once the centre of the whole country, right now Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Russia but the entire continent. With its amazing architecture, location (it is built on hundreds of islands) and cultural […] More

  • Visiting beautiful vintage Elevators from Saint Petersburg

    Do you feel adventurous? We hope you do, because we have a urban adventure that misses our attention. St. Petersburg, the ex-capital of Russia, hides a lot of beautiful vintage objects such as pedestrians, steam elevators and similar. Being old, […] More

  • Serbia – travel tips, advice and info you need

    The general requirements for entry into the Republic of Serbia are: valid travel document; valid visa in the passport, if a visa for Serbia needed for nationals of the country from where passport is; proof of sufficient funds for staying in Serbia. […] More

  • As of now Ukraine is without a Prime Minister

    Ukraine is as of now without a Prime Minister. Arseniy Yatsenyuk just announced his decision to resign and leave the head of Ukraine position. However, he said he is not ready to leave politics in general, just the position to give a chance for […] More

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