25 Facts About Croatia That You Didn’t Know

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So you heard about Croatia, right? Everyone that was there fell in love with Croatian culture, food, coast and people. We all love to spend our vacation there but many don’t know some less known little facts about Croatia. Yeah, we thought so, this is why we will add this little fact list about Croatia to test your knowledge! Make sure you leave in comments which facts you did know, and which you had no clue about. This is definitely worth reading if you are going to visit Croatia as it will give you that much more information on which you can focus during your stay there.

You can even leave a comment if you think something interesting about Croatia should be included. If you wish to know more details about Croatia make sure to read this carefully. So here are some cool 25 amazing facts about Croatia, check them out below:

#1 Fact – Croatian famous dogs

#2 Fact – Dubrovnik is famous for centuries

#3 Fact – Who said old Slavs didn’t write?!

#4 Fact – Croatia has way too much islands!

#5 Fact – Your favorite show is from Croatia

#6 Fact – Trade transformation from fur to coins

#7 Fact – There are Croats even on Moon

#8 Fact – Thanks to Croats you look so good in official suite

#9 Fact – Croatia is full of natural wonders

#10 Fact – Croatia is animal friendly

#11 Fact – In Croatia sea plays Organs

#12 Fact – Croatia is not that big really

#13 Fact – Small town with a big hearth

#14 Fact – Even old Egyptians loved this area

#15 Fact – Croatia is your best choice if you want to sunbath

#16 Fact – Best sun set in the world

#17 Fact – Tesla loved Croatia

#18 Fact – Torpedo is Croatian

#19 Fact – Giant Truffles come from Croatia

#20 Fact – Croats have just really a lot of World Heritage items

#21 Fact – Don’t fear the Dark, use Maglite

#22 Fact – Croatia was the home of largest neanderthal community

#23 Fact – That Pen you hold in your hand, it’s Croatian

#24 Fact – No static beaches in Croatia

#25 Fact – Roman Gladiators used to fight there

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  1. #3 – да… да… Хрвати су користили њихову глагољицу, и дан данас радо пишу ћириличним писмом, које је и наследник глагољице…

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