25 Facts About Poland That You Didn’t Know

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Poland – So we all love Poland, we all love Poles, we all love their culture, we all love their complicated hardened Slavic language, we all love their food and their history but do we ask ourselves what do we actually know about Poland and Poles? Yeah, we thought so, this is why we will add this little fact list about Poland to test your knowledge and get yourself ready to stay in Poland.

Make sure you leave in comments which facts you did know, and which you had no clue about. You can even leave a comment if you think something interesting about Poland should be included. So here are some cool 25 fun facts about Poland, check them out below:

#1 Fact – Size

#2 Fact – Animal names

#3 Fact – Marriage

#4 Fact – Nobel prize

#5 Fact – Education

#6 Fact – Science

#7 Fact – Astronomy

#8 Fact – Food

#9 Fact – Diaspora

#10 Fact – Origins

#11 Fact – Wars

#12 Fact – Elevators

#13 Fact – Constitution

#14 Fact – Modern Tradition

#15 Fact – Dubbing

#16 Fact – Drug Test

#17 Fact – Max Factor

#18 Fact – Fashion

#19 Fact – WW2 Air Force

#20 Fact – Ottoman vs Poland

#21 Fact – Amber

#22 Fact – Strongman

#23 Fact – Alphabet

#24 Fact – Heroes

#25 Fact – Gentlemen

Can’t wait to visit Poland now, right?

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