25 Facts About Russia That You Didn’t Know

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So you heard about Russia, you seen countless action movies where they are involved as good or bad. You seen funny images from Russia spreading like a virus thought the internet, and you kinda started to love this nation. However what we could ask ourselves is what do we really know about Russia? Who really are Russians? What do they do, love, eat and how do they live? Why are they so famous anyway? Well to help you out a bit we made this really cool list of facts about Russia that will probably inspire you to research about them a bit more after reading all this. It will maybe even make you want to book a accommodation in Russia.

Make sure you leave in comments which facts you did know, and which you never heard of before in your life. You can even leave a comment if you think something interesting about Russia should be included. So here are some cool 25 fun facts about Russia, see them all below:

#1 Fact – Alaska Price

#2 Fact – Russian beards

#3 Fact – Beer enthusiasm

#4 Fact – Size matters

#5 Fact – Quantity matters

#6 Fact – Fox pets

#7 Fact – Gold stash

#8 Fact – Siberia size

#9 Fact – Russo-Japanese war

10 Fact – Lake Baikal

#11 Fact – Massive Metro

#12 Fact – Beer love

#13 Fact – Women ratio to Men

#14 Fact – Pipeline is really long

#15 Fact – Space conquering

#16 Fact – Expected Life Duration

#17 Fact – Stalin was an immigrant

#18 Fact – Tea time

#19 Fact – Hidden secret towns

#20 Fact – Keep your enemies close

#21 Fact – Oil for all

#22 Fact – Largest McDonald

#23 Fact – Bears have addiction too

#24 Fact – Winter swimming

#25 Fact – Famous PC Game Tetris

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