2,500 Year-Old Ancient Warriors Unearthed in Serbia

SERBIA, BELA PALANKA – During the excavations on field surveys on sites along the Corridor 10 highway that is under construction through the region of Pirot, south-eastern Serbia, on everybodies surprise a discovery of graves from the Iron Age that contain skeletal remains of warriors burried with their knifes and other weapons. After research it has been said that they date as far  as 2,500 years-old. In Serbia archeologists have been lucky because for the past two years, they have discovered an ancient suburb of Pirot, called Suburbium, which seems to be the remains of the legendary 2,000-year-old road, Via Militaris, and several ancient milestones.  via(source)


An archaeological consultantm Mirjana Blagojevic, of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Serbia, who leads the archaeological field surveys on excavation site in Corridor 10, has said a unique necropolis complex over 2,500 years old was discovered.

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