5 best Slavic hangover cures that will help you out

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As the spring slowly gives way to summer, the wedding season is upon us. And not only weddings, the nice weather will have us all mingling and celebrating the beauty and joy of summer with a nice barbecue or picnic.  An integral part of those kinds of parties, not only in the Slavic countries, but also te rest of the world is having a few drinks (and a few more after that). What we all try to avoid, however, is the hangover on the following day. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning feeling like you have fur growing on your tongue, a pounding headache and the nausea that makes you hate the very thought of food.

Every Slav grandma says: Food cures all ails, so we assembled 5 of the (allegedly) best hangover cures in the hope of aiding you through this difficult party time.

Pickled cabbage

Also known as sauerkraut, and the pickling juice itself have long been lauded as the perfect hangover cure. It’s no wonder, since the taste is refreshing, and the salt used for pickling will give you back some of those precious electrolytes lost due to dehydration.  You can either eat it straight from the package, add a bit of seasoning to it (a bit of pumpkin seed oil will also help soothe your stomach and give you a quick calorie boost. You can also make a delicious cabbage soup!

Bread and lard (or bacon fat)

This one might be a bit harder to stomach (no puns intended) but a lot of people swear by spreading some of that delicious fat left after frying bacon on a piece of full grain bread. Add a topping of salt and paprika powder to taste. It tastes best served with some pickles and onions on the side, which will also help fight your hangover.

Fresh cheese and sour cream

Nothing like some cool dairy to soothe that upset stomach. The protein-rich food will help you recover from the last night’s festivities, and won’t additionally upset your stomach. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can add some chopped chives and/or garlic. Then again, you might want to save the gourmet version for less delicate feeling days.


A hardboiled egg might be the staple of many sickbed diets, but that is only because it is packed full of all things delicious and nutritious. If you aren’t partial to the idea of boiling and peeling the egg while you can barely keep your eyes open, consider tossing it in the pan with a bit of butter and enjoy it with a slice of full grain bread and a tomato. Speaking of tomatoes…

Tomato Soup

Nothing gives you a pickup quite like a bowl of tomato soup. Some prefer to add a bit of rice or pasta to it, but you might have an easier time keeping it down if you just keep it simple. A dash of spicy paprika will wake you up and give you an easier start in your day.


Of course, nothing really helps unless you keep yourself properly hydrated. Make sure you always drink plenty of liquids, and an aspirin or two first thing in the morning will help relieve some of the worst symptoms.  Some laud coffee as a great way to cure a hangover, but as caffeine works as a diuretic, in the end it might do more damage than good. A litre of water, 6-8 hours of sleep and a nice hearty breakfast are usually just what you need to relieve most of your hangover and get you ready for the day ahead. And of course, never drink on an empty stomach!

Do you have some tried and tested hangover cures? Do share them with us!

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