5 Most Beautiful Slavic Ships You Should Cruise On This Summer

These ships will make you fall in love with the sea

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The beauty of the sailing ships can overwhelm even the person who is not a sea-lover. Although they were created by the human hands, they look like from the fairy tale. We would like to present you six of amazing sailing ships that sail under the flags of the Slavic countries. Some of them were built in the German shipyards, but for many decades their beauty and technical condition lies in the Slavic hands

Kaliakra – Bulgaria

Gorgeous Kaliakra was built in Gdańsk Shipyard in Poland. A famous polish designer Zygmunt Choreń created it in 1984 for Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre. The home port of Kaliakra is Varna in Bulgaria. It is a reproduction of the ship of the same name that existed before the World War I. As a sister ship of Polish STS Pogoria and ORP Iskra, Kaliakra is 52 meters long and stays one of the fastest tall ships in the world. In 1992 Kaliakra attended the Columbus Race dedicated to the 500 years jubilee of the discovery of America and finished third out of 143 ships.

Our Lady of the Sea – Croatia

In Croatian, its name is Gospa od mora and it is a replica f traditional Croatian sailboat from the 18th century.  The ship was built by Mile Jadrešić, a traditional boat builder from Betina on the island of Murter. It is nearly 18 meters long, but its value lies in the historical background. It is a traditional barcera, a part of the Croatian and Balkan sailing culture. It was christened on April 19, 2012, in Supetar, Hvar with a Croatia poet and novelistVesna Krmpotić as a godmother. Usually, it is docked in Dubrovnik, used for special education and tourist purposes.

Dar Młodzieży – Poland

78 meters long training tall ship designed by Zygmunt Choreń is the largest sailing ship of Poland. The sister ships of Dar Młodzieży (meaning Gift of the Youth) are Mir, Druzhba, Pallada, Khersones, and Nadezhda. Its construction was launched in November 1981 at the Gdańsk Shipyard in Poland. It is famous for circumnavigating the globe in years 1987–88, thus repeating the famous voyage of her predecessor Dar Pomorza in years 1934–35. Both of the ships have a home port in Gdynia near famous Skwer Kościuszki.

Kruzenshtern – Russia

One of the most beautiful sailing ships of the world. Each time it appears in the harbor around the world, it becomes a huge tourist attraction. A four-masted barque was named after German explorer in Russian service, Adam Johann Krusenstern (1770–1846). It is 114 m long and was built in 1926 at Geestemünde in Bremerhaven, Germany as Padua (named after the Italian city). Padua became a part of war reparation received by USSR in 1946. Since it stays a training ship. It has two home ports, one in Murmańsk, another in Kaliningrad. Kruzenshtern played in many films and documentary movies.

Sedov – Russia

The largest traditional sailing ship in operation.  Sedov is 117,5 meters long and 54 meters high. Originally built as a German cargo ship Magdalene Vinnen II in 1921 is today a sail training vessel. Sedov, similarly to Kruzenshtern belonged to Germany and was acquired in 1945 by the Soviet Union as a war reparation. It is a training ship for cadets from the universities of Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, and Murmańsk. In 2012 Sedov started her first voyage around the world, which ended on 20 July 2013 at Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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