5 Mysterious Things About Serbian Mt. Rtanj You Didn’t Know

From Ancient Aliens to Ancient Pyramids :D

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The biggest mystery in Serbia – How people survive with the salaries they have? But, that is not the only big mystery, there’s one more. Okay, not as big as the first one, but big. Big like a mountain. Mountain Rtanj. This beauty is located in Eastern Serbia, about 200km southeast of Belgrade. With the perfect pyramidal shape, aliens that circle around, and unusual energy it radiates, it is the “top notch” place for every Slav who is looking for some “Stranger Things” to explore.

Here is a list of the 5 most mysterious things you should consider before visiting Rtanj mountain.

Ancient Pyramid

When it comes to obviously unusual shape, many folks say that is only a Mother Nature’s work of art, nothing unusual or mysterious. So where’s the catch? Well, if you didn’t know, Rtanj has the same angle of inclination as the Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico and the same angles as the Pyramid of Cheops! Coincidence? Well, still the reason for many scientific arguments. But folks know it! Do you believe that many people from all over the world have flocked here prior to the predicted Mayan Doomsday, believing it will protect them?

Alien Mothership

Maybe we should consider “X Slavs” as a new TV show. I mean, why not?  Finally, we know where the truth is. Or at least, one part of it. Yes, stories and legends about flying object which circle around the Rtanj, aliens, scary voices in strange languages, glowing spheres… Some claim that Rtanj is a big Mothership, waiting for his little green captain to take off. And Rtanj people… well, they claim that aliens cover the top of the mountain with the clouds when they want to take a walk, breath some air, see the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube. So, if you are an alien hunter, this is the perfect place to start looking.

A Mysterious Church

If you climb at the top of the Rtanj,  you will find the ruins of the church of St. George (who was a holy warrior and a symbol of Christianity). In the past,  the church had 12 Orthodox icons and was built in Jewish synagogue style. According to some documents, it was built in honor of the late owner of the “Rtanj” mine in 1935 (who was Jewish and committed suicide), by his wife and a lot of workers. The church was destroyed by dynamite when treasure hunters tried to find the hidden gold. Now you wonder what is so mysterious here? Many locals claim that this church was actually funded by the Social Democratic Party of Germany and that Hitler himself was in Rtanj in 1934. Why? Read in the next chapter.

Healing Energy and Aphrodisiac

The magnetic measurements found that there are continuous changes in energy fields on Rtanj. The highest top of the Rtanj – Šiljak (Spike), mostly absorbs energy, while the place “Sanctuary” at the foot of the mountain mostly radiates. The energy comes from Rtanj vertically, in the high vibration spectrum, characteristic of the bio-energetic healing for many severe diseases. That is why Hitler visited Rtanj, to “pick up” some healing energy (hearsay)! And what about the sexual energy? Well, Viagra no more, Rtanj has one of the strongest aphrodisiacs – “Rtanj tea” (Satura Montana)! Serbs dare you to try it!

Underground Caves

There are huge underground spaces within this mountain, and speleologists have already found more than 17 important caves and underground subways. On the south and northwestern side of the mountain, about 450 meters high, cavity of the rhomboid base were located beneath the peak Šiljak. Its pages are 250 and 500 meters long. This underground space occupies the same position where, in previously investigated pyramids, resonance chambers are most commonly found. A large vertical tunnel, dubbed by the explorers, runs deep into the heart of the mountain, from where an extraordinary amount of Argon energy comes to the surface.

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