5 Places In Poland Where Nazis Could Hide The Stolen Treasures

One who finds it will be beyond rich, so this is where you should search!

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At the end of World War II, Nazis were unable transport all of the treasures they’ve taken to the safe places. Therefore, they had to find the suitable places to hide the goods. Did they believe that they will come back for the numerous jewels, paintings, and many other pieces of art? No matter what were their hopes, they weren’t allowed to get back to the sites they left. Moreover, the Lower Silesia in this period had been cleared out of 2 million Germans by 1947. Many of them took precious items to their new home; others took the stories about the hidden goods left somewhere in caves, tunnels, under the ground, etc.

However, not all of the sites are located in Lower Silesia. The number of possible locations of valuable deposits makes Poland one great treasury. This article describes only a few of them:

Riese – made for Hitler or to hide the gold?

The name Riese comes from the German word for ”giant”. It relates to the Nazi construction project that took place between 1943 and 1945 in the Owl Mountains. The project remains mysterious because all of the documentation was destroyed. However, some of the resources claim that it was a complex of Headquarters of Fuhrer. The system of tunnels is full of mysteries, and until now the explorers didn’t penetrate all of the corridors. Nowadays, many researchers still try to find the possible locations of the hidden treasures in the Owl Mountains. It is unknown what kind of treasures Germans could hide in these impressive underground construction; there are many theories – from weapons to precious paintings. One of the elements of the complex Riese is the Książ Castle, which is interesting enough to describe it as separated site.

Książ Castle – the underground secrets

Książ is a remarkable castle in the Lower Silesia is famous of many legends, stories related to the royalties, etc. The best-known story is related to Princess Daisy and her lost necklace made of meters of pearls. However, it is also believed that the Nazis created under the castle a system of
The area of the castle that history started around the 13th century stays one of the most haunted by the stories about treasures sites of Poland. Similarly to Riese, the real number and quality of the treasures remain unknown, however, in this case, there are several places that are believed to be a ”treasuries”. Sadly, it is tough to get there.

Mamerki – the secret of the Amber Room

People around the world heard about Mamerki in 2016, when the team of researchers suggested that in this site is located one of the most famous lost treasures. The team from the Mamerki Museum and experts in the bunkers of World War II tried to find traces of the Amber Room in the bunker. The Amber Room is the main character f one of the most magnetizing stories related to the lost treasures of World War II. The researchers discovered an unusual construction under the ground. They believed that it is a crumbling bunker that consists the famous amber from Russian chamber. However, after drilling several holes in the basement, they’ve understood that there is nothing worth of mentioning inside the ruined part of the bunker. Anyway, the story about the treasures hidden in this area suggests that the historians from Mamerki Museum must be right, and someday they will unearth something spectacular.

Pasłęk – medieval tunnel full of treasures

A town close to the Russian border is one of the newest sensations on the map of hidden treasures. Although the story of the Nazi treasure was well known in Pasłęk since 1945, it was more like a local tale. Pasłęk is another, after Mamerki, legendary location of the Amber Room. The tunnel dated back to the medieval may also consist the many other stolen treasures from current city of Kaliningrad. It is located between the old church and the former castle of Teutonic Order. The researchers try to explore it and check the theory about the treasure, so the thrilling news is expected.

Wałbrzych – searching for the lost train

The famous golden train became a huge topic among the historians and people passionate in history months ago. The Polish-German team of researchers informed media that they are close to the milestone discovery in the lost part of the history of Worl War II. The mysterious train is well known among the people who settle the area of the Wałbrzych city. It is believed that Nazis packed it with the precious metals and other treasures and hid under the ground or in a secret tunnel. Although the first explorations didn’t confirm the theory about the location of the train, the researchers are going to continue their works in 2017.

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