5 Reasons Why No Slavic Football Team Will Win World Cup 2018 in Russia

Players are good, but teams? Not so much…

The fever before the most important football cup of the last four years is raising. In a few days, the best players of the best teams in the world will start to fight for the cup of the world championships. Only four Slavic teams are going to play during the FIFA World Cup in Russia. The Russian team, as an organizer, will open the games in a match with Saudi Arabia.

Apart from them, we will see the matches with Polish, Croatians, and Serbians. Sadly, it seems to be impossible that we will see any of them in the final match in Moscow. We might be wrong (and we hope we are wrong!) but here are a few reasons why I don’t believe in the triumph of the Slavic country this year:

1. Some of our players are very good, but not the entire teams

If you want to remind us that Poland achieved a very good result during the Euro 2016, we have to pinpoint that the deeper analysis reveals the truth. If Poland would have more difficult competition, they wouldn’t reach such a high place. However, that’s the history. What makes the team successful is having good players in many positions in the field, well-managed strategy, positive attitude of the team and a bit of luck.

2. None of our teams is as rich as many others

Slavic teams don’t have financial support like Germany, Spain or Brazil. The best and the most successful football teams are often the richest ones. Of course, right now the disproportion between the teams are not as huge as even 10 years ago, but still, some teams have a better financial situation. However, football is passion, money is not everything. Money helps, but it won’t win a match.

3. We have only a few magnificent scorers

To win the World Cup, you need a brilliant team that includes an amazing scorer. Only Poland and Croatia have players included in the lists of the best scorers of the seasons in European games. However, in case of Poland, it is only Robert Lewandowski. Although he is a very good player, he is one and only diamond of the Polish National Team. In Croatia, the list of good scorers is a bit longer, and it is impossible not to notice remarkable, moody, sometimes rude and extremely charismatic Mario Mandžukić. If you are a fan of Croatian National Team you will perhaps agree with me: Mario is as fabulous as irritating sometimes, but we all love him. However, players like Mario or Robert are rare in the Slavic teams.

4. Most of our goalkeepers are average

Except for remarkable Jan Oblak (Slovenia) and recently appreciated Wojciech Szczęsny (Poland), most of the goalkeepers from the Slavic countries are quite average. Due to the fact that Slovenia is not going to play in the World Cup, the only impressive goalkeeper stays at home. Let’s hope that Szczęsny will prove that he is worthy of being the first goalkeeper of Juventus Turin.

5. Slavs have been unable to create a team of winners for many years

Of course, Croatians really rock during the last years, but they were unable to repeat their greatest success in history so far. Perhaps the most fascinating appearance of the Slavic team during the last few World Cups was a remarkable fight of Croatian team during the World Cup in 1998. Everybody was impressed by incredible Davor Suker and the team that achieved unexpected triumph reaching the third place.

We don’t want to sound too pessimistic. And we promise to give you our apology if the miracle will happen.

What do you think?

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    Modern football favours strategy less than football 10 years ago or more, mostly because there is no longer any form of tactical preset that managers can apply, as all players play on all positions. This means that quality of individuals win games. Because most Slavic countries are poor many of the most talented kids don’t have opportunity to play on higher level while elsewhere they do. Also football is not #1 sport in any Slavic country with exception of Croatia or Poland. Judging by other sports most Slavic teams perform very good when strategy matters and they often beat favourites.



    I wouldn’t write-off the Serbs either.  Little is known about their strike power, making them harder to defend and they scored enough goals in Qualifiers, whilst their defence is generally solid.

    I saw on some World Cup ranking site that Serbia was the best outside chance (considering their odds) for the tournament.

    But agreed, it will be out of France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and you can’t write-off Portugal given Ronaldo.  England, Switzerland, Croatia and Poland just outside that group as the next tier down.

    I don’t rate the South American teams when playing in Europe.


    Vjeran Veky Vlahović

    I know that all of you will be supporting everyone of us…..and so will I



    Does Baba Vanga have a prediction for WC Moscow 2018 ?? 🙂


    Olga Kysil

    World Cup 2018 Day #1! Woo Hoo!

    Andrii Yermolenko’s black and red artwork and the hashtag BoycottWorldCup2018 have gone viral in Ukraine. This is one of a series of posters Yermolenko created. Besides being mad at Moscow for invading their country, Ukrainians are probably not too happy they did not qualify for the World Cup.



    Olga Kysil

    Go Russia!

    Go Croatia!

    Go Serbia!

    The Slavs are killing it at the World Cup!

    Post your favorite WC moments.


    Mikhail Galamov

    When Russia kicked the Arabians’ arses.



    Poland – Senegal soon. 🙂

    I am surprised Japan won with Colombia, by the way.


    Kapitán Denis

    Go Polska!



    That was extremely pathetic. I’m sure even Senegal doesn’t get what happened.


    Olga Kysil

    Poland! Why you gotta lose? You ruined my Slavic World Cup scorecard. Okay, there is another chance to redeem yourself. Go Poland!


    Olga Kysil

    Whoa! Croatia killed Argentina! GO CROATIA!



    Hope we’ll kick Albania’s, oh I mean Switzerland’s ass tomorrow.


    Olga Kysil

    @dusan You made me take a closer look at the Swiss team. 😀

    Drmić – Croatian but born in Switzerland

    Xhaka – Albanian but born in Switzerland

    Behrami –  Born in Titova Mitrovica, SFR Yugoslavia

    Džemaili – Born in Tetovo, Macedonia

    Shaqiri – Gjilan, SFR Yugoslavia to Kosovar Albanian parents

    Seferović – Bosniak but born in Switzerland

    Gavranović – Bosnian-Croat born in Switzerland

    Anyway, GO SERBIA!


    Иван Грујовић

    Serbia VS Alban... Switzerland



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