5 reasons why Slavic countries should forget about Eurovision 2018 as soon as possible

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The contest of Eurovision in 2018 brought one of the most controversial winners from Israel, but it won’t be discussed in this article. The topic interesting to Slavorum is related to the Slavic musicians. Sadly, we don’t have too many reasons to be proud of this year’s contest. Of course, we have to remember that one of the greatest hits of this year was a song by Alexander Rybak from Belarus… Representing Norway. Rybak is a winner of the contest in 2012 when his unique talents in singing and playing the violin brought him thousands of fans.

This year his song for this year ended up at 15th place but it achieved commercial success in many European countries.

1. Most of the Slavic songs didn’t pass through semi-finals

Terribly bad performance of Poland, weak presentations of Croatia and the other countries caused the ridiculous situation. Only a few Slavic songs appeared in the final of Eurovision this year. Does it mean that we don’t have good artists? Of course not! However, many famous artists don’t want to represent their counties in such a competition. Moreover, it seems that Slavic composers never learn from the example of the most awarded countries like Sweden, Germany, etc. Slavis always want to do everything differently. Sometimes, as in the case of famous Serbian song „Modlitva” by Maria Serifović, the winner of Eurovision in 2007, but not always.

2. Serbian Goliat

The song „Nova deca” by Sanja Ilić and Balkanika wasn’t bad. It had a unique folk flavor, the singers had beautiful voices, especially the female ones. However, the stage performance was dominated by tall and charismatic Sanja Ilić. Sadly, his image dominated the group, the song, and the entire stage. As a result, I guess that most of the people remember his large feet, dark beard, and bald head.

3. Very low place of Slovenia.

When I saw Lea Sirk for the first time I was sure that if „Havala, ne!” would have a lyrics in English, the song would bring her a huge success. Sadly, the Eurovision fans don’t appreciate the songs in national languages. During the last years, the English language dominated the contest, but Lea Sirk decided to sing in her mother’s tongue. Therefore, Lea Sirk ended up at 22nd place (of 26).

4. The success of Czech Republic, because the song was ridiculous!

I guess most of us couldn’t believe that Mikolas Josef and his „Lie to Me” achieved the 6th place. When I saw his performance, I was sure that nobody takes his „show” seriously. I still cannot understand the artistic vision of an adult man dressed up like a boy. Why did he need the backpack? What did he mean by his choreography? The performance by Czech singer brought more confusion than admiration. Although many people liked it, Czech Republic had better performances in the history of Eurovision.

5. No song that could reach the highest place at any TOP list

Sometimes on Eurovision appear fabulous songs, but the fans of Eurovision don’t award them by many points. For example, last year’s representant from Italy, Francesco Gabbani, who didn’t win the Eurovision contest, was able to expand his career to many European countries. This year the song from Denmark by Rasmussen seems to be appreciated by many radio stations in Europe. Sadly, no Slavic country offered such a song that could promote the region and Slavic music around the world.

Let’s hope that next year the Eurovision will be more fruitful to the Slavic countries. Who would you like to see next year on the stage in Israel?

What do you think?

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