5 reasons why Slavic languages are cool to learn

Slavs are charming, so we know you want to speak our languages!

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Slavic languages sound different. We use different alphabets and grammatical constructions, we have different accents and vocabulary. But if you once enter the world of Slavic languages, you realize that there are some outstanding similarities and benefits of knowing them.

1. If you find the key how to study, you can become a Slavic Polyglot easily

According to the AlphaOmegaTranslation, the Slavic languages can be divided into three different branches. ‘The first branch is the East Slavic branch, which includes Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian. The West Slavic branch is made up of Czech, Slovak, Polish, and more. The third branch is the South Slavic branch, which is further divided into Eastern and Western categories, where you can find Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian, among others. Some linguists believe that there may have been a North Slavic branch at some point in time, but they aren’t sure yet. Most languages within the same branch have a good level of mutual intelligibility.”
Therefore, if you find the good way to study, you can learn a lot of slaving languages in a very short time.

2. Bad words are similar in every language

Oh, come on! Don’t tell us that you didn’t think how to swear in other languages than your mother’s tongue! The good news is that we perfectly understand each other in this case because most of the Slavs use the same bad words or words that sound similar. If you know how to swear in any of the Slavic languages, you know how to swear in all of them.

3. Strong grammar basis makes you communicative in many countries

The truth is that if you follow the similarities mentioned in point one, you realize that these languages have similar grammar. What makes them different is vocabulary. Therefore, it is suggested to follow the key and learn Slavic languages according to the similarities. It will make you a polyglot very fast! When you start to follow the rules and the pronunciation of special sounds starts to be easier, you become a fast learner. It’s a straight way to perfection in every language, but in case of Slavic languages, you can learn a few in a short time period.

4. Slavs won’t laugh at your pronunciation

Slavs understand that our languages are quite difficult. For example, Polish people are aware that their language is very difficult. Polish is so complicated that even Poles make a lot of mistakes speaking their own language. That’s why if you try to speak Slavic language, we will treat you with respect. Moreover, we will help you. At least most of us truly appreciate if you try to speak one of our languages that were perhaps created during one of our famous parties.

5. You gain superpowers, seriously!

„I speak Slavic languages, what’s your superpower?”. Many people around the world find hard to learn Slavic languages. Therefore, if you love to study languages, these are perfect for you. Moreover, if you enjoy spending time with super cool people, you should learn how to speak their language. Finally, if you consider working for Slavic companies, you should keep in mind that speaking the language of the country you choose is always beneficial.

If this article didn’t convince you to study these languages, please check articles about food, handsome men and beautiful women from Slavic countries. With a little bit of time and determination, you can open the gates to knowledge about these regions. Remember that many marvelous books, movies, theatre plays stay untranslated into English or the other languages. There is so much to explore in the Slavic countries so… Begin your journey with studying new language right now!

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