5 Trends That Came From The USSR

You’ve seen some of these on your parents or grandparents for sure…

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Everything new is a well-forgotten old, and fashion shows of famous couturiers repeatedly confirm this rule. Some things are in fact what mothers and grandmothers once used and used in the Soviet Union.

Braided shopping bags

Braided handbags were in every Soviet family. They used frenzied popularity, and it is understandable why. If necessary, the string bag could be folded into a small lump and put in a pocket, and the weight could withstand a huge one. No plastic bags – yes they were not released in the 50-70’s – could compete with these bags. That’s why a string bag can be considered one of the unconditional symbols of the Soviet Union. The images with bag-bags are full of fashion magazines – this accessory is in the trend, and is at the peak of popularity. The bag with bag inside is presented in the latest collection of the brand Vetements. For comparison, the cost of a bag in the USSR is about $ 0.3 (1970), while the brand name from Vetements costs $ 3,450 (2018)

Felt boots and felt boots

Boots “good-bye, youth” was very fond of retirees. Felt boots on thick soles were soft, warm, did not press. This model was mass produced in the 70s of the twentieth century. And without boots in the cold and on the street it was scary to get out.

Valenco sneakers from Vans

Something between boots and felt boots. Warm and bright.


Homeland galoshes – not the Soviet Union, but it was in Russia, and then in the USSR, this rubber shoes received a mass distribution. In the 1960s, completely different models began to emerge: for men, for women, and even for children. Today, this footwear is produced by such brands as Sweem and even Gucci. The Norwegian brand Swims is known as the manufacturer of fashionable multi-colored designer galoshes. They are put on top of the shoes, and it is still unknown what will attract more attention – leather loafers or rubber “swimmers”. For women who wear high heel shoes, a separate model has also been developed. By the way, the average cost of these galoshes is about $ 100 (2018)


The name this model received because of its shape resembling the head of a cock with a comb. Hats were extremely popular in the USSR. First they were worn by skiers, then – by the way, all the male population of the country. Today, the caps of this model include Versace and Vetements in their collections. By the way, the cockerel from Vetements costs $ 466 (2018).

Sandals with socks

The notorious sandals with socks! World fashion houses support them. For such a combination today there are Bottega Veneta, Versace, Marni and other flagships of men’s fashion.

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