6 Slavic reasons to be proud during the ski jumping season

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The most expecting times in schedule of every ski jumping fan is coming. The Four Hills Tournament is going to start at the end of 2018 in German Obersdorf, the preparations to the other events are almost done. The season reaches the hottest period, so if you still don’t know why you should get interested in this discipline, we prepared for you a few reasons why all Slavs should be proud during this ski jumping season:

1. Some of the most influential coaches come from the Slavic countries

Although currently, the most important teams including Norway, Poland, Germany, and Austria have managers from Austria, the history of this sport is full of fabulous successes of teams led by the managers from the Slavic countries. One f the most successful of them was recently Goran Janus, former Jugoslavian ski jumper and a manager of Slovenian team. Another one is Łukasz Kruczek who successfully worked with the Polish team for many seasons.

2. Polish team is doing fabulously so far

If you watch ski jumping competitions regularly, you perfectly know the surname of Kamil Stoch. He is not only one of the best currently starting ski jumpers, but also one of the best in the history of this sport. Moreover, the other athletes like Piotr Żyła or Dawid Kubacki make a good job during the competitions. Does it mean that they will take the price for the best team of the season? It seems to be possible, but let’s see what the season will bring!

3. Brothers Prevc from Slovenia improve their results

Peter Prevc, the eldest of three brothers we could see in the World Cup just came back to the game for the most important titles of the season. Moreover, his brother Domen seems to reach higher and higher positions, so it is likely that before the World Cup will enter the phase of the competitions with the longest jumps, which are the specialty of the younger Prevc, his condition will be fabulous. Why is it so important? Because when the brothers Prevc are in good condition, they reach amazing results making this sport even more interesting.

4. Planica is still the place of the final celebration

The center of the winter sports in Slovenia stays the most important place in the third discipline. The monumental complex of hills consists of eight different hills. They belong to the Planica Nordic Center. The largest of them, Letanica, is has a size of 240 meters and the record of the hill belongs to Kamil Stoch and measures 251,5 m. The hill is spectacular and prestigious. Beating the hill record is like a holy grail of this sport.

5. Some of the greatest legends in this sport are from the Slavic countries

Perhaps the best Slavic ski jumper in history comes from Poland. His name is Adam Małysz, and for many years he was one of the leaders in this sport. He was a prizes collector, a winner above many others. Moreover, Robert Kraniec from Slovenia or Primoż Peterka from Slovenia were successful too. Most of the Slavic countries recorded some successes in ski jumping.

6. Some of the most appreciated competitions take a place in the Slavic countries

Although many old hills lost their position in the world of ski jumping, the places like Polish Zakopane or Russian Niżny Tagil have a stable position in the schedule of the ski jumping season. Sadly famous hill Harrachov in the Czech Republic was sold and demolished to make a space for new houses. However, you don’t have to leave the Slavic countries to see a few of the most important hills in this sport.

Who is your favorite ski jumper? Do you believe that Kamil Stoch or Peter Prevc might win the entire season once again? We hope that you are thrilled to see what is going to happen in the near future during the next competitions.

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