6 Ways How Belarusians Differ From Russians And Ukrainians

True or not? Will Ukrainians and Russians agree?

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Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine are often perceived as sister nations with pretty identical historical, cultural and economic features. However, as siblings from the same family have different tempers, interests, values and vision of the world the same applies to people living in the three countries.

BelarusFeed ( made a list by asking their Belarussian readers to share their thoughts on the main differences between Belarusians, Russians and Ukranians. And this is what they said!

1. Ridiculously polite

Belarusians have a reputation of friendly and extremely polite people. Maybe even more polite that Canadians, the most polite nation in the world. Meanwhile, Ukranians were described as more easy-going, emotional and a bit irrational. Our Eastern friends in Russia are seen as a bit hostile but fun-loving and openhanded.

2. Better in cooking potatoes


We saw that answer coming! No wonder why Belarus is believed to be the most potato-loving nation in the world. Statistics say that an average Belarusian consumes 171 kg of potatoes a year, which is one of the highest figures in the world. Of course a status of the best potato-chefs belongs to us!

3. Respectful drivers

Good roads and respectful and law-abiding drivers are a signature marks of the country. While Belarusians are extremely cautious behind the wheel, our speed-loving neighbours scare the foreigners with their reckless driving.

4. Kind-hearted and generous

Perhaps Belarusians are not so business oriented and adventurous as Ukranians but we are soft hearted, ready to give away our last shirt to help a relative, friend or even a stranger!

5. Country of peace and cuteness

“Make stability, not war”– is a well-known motto of Belarus for quite a long time. Years of tragic and devastating war actions that the much-suffered land has seen made Belarusians appreciate peace and harmony as the one and only treasure in the world. And yes, there was a time when we had probably the cutest banknotes in the world with animals, nicknamed “zaichikis” for the image of the running European hare at 1 ruble note.

6. German-like character

Well, we see nothing bad in straightforwardness, discipline, equanimity and order! And yes, we don’t smile much but there’s a good explanation for that. For the rest of the points check BelarusFeed article and see what they say.

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