7 reasons why it is amazing to be a Polish during the Christmas time

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Christmas in Poland is a remarkable time. Rich decorations, Santa Clause everywhere, beautiful Christmas songs and the nicest people you can ever imagine. All of this you can find in the area from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra mountains. Singing Jingle Bells you can enjoy the most unbelievable Christmas ever. Here is a short list of a few reasons that might convince you to visit Poland in this unique period of a year:

1. Polish people don’t care about calories

If it’s Christmas, the terms like calories, low-carbs, healthy food don’t exist. Polish love to eat and they enjoy it especially during Christmas time. Staying with Polish for Christmas you can be sure that nobody will tell you „Hey, don’t eat it, you will get fat!”. So if you are sick and tired of people who might destroy your Christmas mood talking about healthy food… Go to Poland!

2. Polish Christmas food is awesome

If you want to experience truly traditional food, you should give a try to pierogi, bigos or łazanki and the other delicious dishes characteristic to the Polish cuisine. Polish people are also slightly mad about the special Christmas cakes. It is often a variation of cheesecake or a delicious cake made of poppy seeds. Moreover, they love making gingerbread houses and ginger cakes. During the Christmas time, everything in the Polish kitchens smells like heaven.

3. Nobody complains about the snow

Actually Polish used to have white Christmas, but when there is no snow around, Polish are still happy. If they don’t have white Christmas they enjoy the time having more outdoor activities. As one of the greatest (perhaps next to the American) amateurs of Christmas decorations, Polish would use the lack of snow to create even more advanced and even surprising „outfits” for their houses. However, they really enjoy having white Christmas.

4. Poles love Christmas trees

An incredible number of green trees decorated with the most unique ornaments is something you can enjoy in at least most of the cities. Every year Polish people spend a lot of money to improve their Christmas trees. Although they don’t follow the fashion blindly, they still want to make it better. Recently Polish got crazy about the traditional crochet ornaments made od white thread. It looks very classy!

5. They have beautiful traditional carols

Polish people love carols and sing it often and everywhere. You can still find many families that sing the carols after the Christmas Eve. Polish songs for Christmas are traditional, there are not too many that remind the modern American carols. However, they have a classy charm and make every Christmas better… At the same time we have to warn you: if you are not a native Polish speaker, you might have a problem to pronounce the traditional lyrics. Would you be able to pronounce „Lulajże Jezuniu” or „Przybieżeli do Betlejem”?

6. Polish still have strong family bonds

If you wish to experience truly family time, you should try to become (at least for Christmas) a part of a traditional Polish family. Polish kindness to guests and multi-generation families make Christmas incredible. If you miss the times when people sang carols together when they were open enough to hold each other and sing together allowing the magical atmosphere surround them… You should choose to spend Christmas with Polish.

7. Pasterka is an amazing experience

Even if you are not religious, you should consider visiting the church on the night after the Christmas Eve and to listen to one of the happiest and the most touching prayer you can ever experience. The beautifully singing choirs, often with the companion of the orchestra, will make this night unforgettable.

We are kinda sure that now you are completely convinced that it would be a precious experience to visit Poland or just spend time with Polish during the Christmas time. Wesołych Świąt!

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