70 Years Ago Warsaw Was a Sea of Ruins

Second World War left some serious scars on Polish land and people, it suffered German and Soviet occupation and in those troubled times Warsaw has seen the worst of war. In 1945. destoryed Warsaw has been targeted for the first reconstruction and first attempt in history to restire the entire historical image of one destroyed city, meaning not only monuments but literraly the whole city. Few years later this act made it in UNESCO list of national heritage but it wasn’t as succesful as reconstructio in 1945 because in January 1945 was nothing then a destoryed city that from airplane looks like a sea of scattered marrbles as you can see yourself in the photos below. Interesting fact is that Communist authorities didn’t even want to reconstruct the Warsaw and move the capital to another Polish city in order to have ruined Warsaw as a war memorial ruined city for future Polish generations. More info:

The Destruction

Over 1 Million People Lived in This City

Building the New Socialist Capital

The Entire Nation is Building its Capital

Destroying the Old

Stalin needs Warsaw in Yalta

Warsaw today

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