8 Frightening Facts about the Nuclear Arsenal of Russia and possible WW3

That wouldn’t be like one of those Call of Duty games, more like Fallout 3…

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World War 3 – Once upon a time famous scientist Albert Einstein said: “I do not know what weapons will be carried out in the World War III, but in the fourth would be used rocks!”. If we take a minute to analyze the current political situation in our little poor world, you will probably begin to agree with mr. Einstein.

Lucky for your one Russian Fishki member decided to make a fact list about the scenario where one of the major forces in such war would be the Russian Federation, so take a minute and see some of the cool (and scary) facts about this countries nuclear arsenal, something we hopefully won’t have to witness.

Largest number of nuclear warheads in the world are stashed in Russia

According to some international expert group estimates there are over 508 deployed strategic delivery vehicles, in fact over 1,796 nuclear weapons. The second competitor in this nuclear armament is United States and they have 1367 warheads and 681 vehicles. You should also know that according to the same SOA-III, each deployed bomber counts as one nuclear warhead. But how many nuclear bombs and missiles at the same time it carries on itself – it is not considered.

In reality there are much more nuclear units out there

On paper there both USA and RF are close to having 1500 nuclear warheads, at least as it’s regulated by SOA-III. But in reality both US and RF have un-deployed warheads, back-up warheads and those that are in long-term storage to get destroyed… at least by a contract, but no one is in hurry to destroy them, and in fact the whole contract was shut down few months ago. According to various estimates, there are around 6800″canned” warheads in Russia, while the United States have about 7600 pieces.

Compared with the arms of the USSR it is still just a little

If you think that 1,500 warheads is a lot, then you would be dropping your jaws to hear that that during Soviet Union they reached a number of 46,000 nuclear warheads back in 1975. Americans also weren’t too light on it as they had 31,000 nuclear warheads in 1967. So that was not just a lot, it was times more.

Is Russian Strategic Missile Armament the most technological in the world?

The basis of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces are Soviet missiles “Voevoda” and “Topol” and later “Topol-M”, adopted in 1997. However, currently on duty, there are already more than 70 missiles RS-24 “Yars” of 2009 model. While those same States have got only one type – LGM-30G Minuteman-3, the last of which was made in 1978. That is the “youngest” of the rockets is now 38 years old.

It is no matter where Russian nuclear missiles fly from

Modern technologies allow to significantly increase the maximum flight range of intercontinental nuclear missiles. For example, most modern heavy liquid-fuel ICBM RS-28 “Sarmat”, which is only now being tested and will go into service in 2018. This missile is designed to replace R-36M2 “Voevoda”. The new rocket will not fly in a circular orbit, as usual, but on a suborbital trajectory. Taking into account that the maximum range, for which “Sarmat” is designed for, this means that you can launch the missile from anywhere in the world, at least from the South Pole.

Only one Voevoda missile can strike at once through all over the US

The missile system R-36M2 “Voevoda” is able to carry 10 individual warheads, each with a capacity of up to 750 kilotons. Total throw-weight is 8800 kg. But it is much more interesting: the radius of breeding of warheads is 3000 kilometers. That is, assuming that each warhead reaches the target, almost the entire territory of the USA will be hit. And this is only one missile. There is a total of 46 such complexes now in service.

Less than 1% of the world’s nuclear arsenal is necessary to make a nuclear winter on the planet

Experts estimate that in order to cause an unprecedented climatic effect, comparable to a small ice age, it would be enough if each of the two warring sides exploded about 50 charges. At the moment 50 charges, comparable in power to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima – are only 0.3% of the world’s nuclear arsenal. And there is no doubt that if nuclear war begins, then there will be detonated much more than 50 charges.

Military Doctrine of Russia does not exclude the combat use of nuclear weapons

According to the new wording of the document, Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons not only in response to a similar act by another State of aggression. Nuclear missiles can fly even if the event of a threat to Russia or its allies and other types of weapons of mass destruction occurs. And in the case of aggression against Russia with conventional weapons, if there is a threat to the existence of the state.

War between US and RF wouldn’t be that much of a fun, right?

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