8 Traditional Bulgarian Soups Millennials Remember From Their Childhood

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Bulgarian cuisine is highly varied and when it comes to soups, there’s no exception to this rule. Here’s a list of the most popular traditional Bulgarian soups, which millennials born in the 20th century will remember from their childhood years.


Often mistaken with yogurt-based sauces from the Greek cuisine, the tarator is a runny soup that’s made out of plain unseasoned yogurt diluted with lots of water, dill, grated cucumbers, salt and additional flavor boosters of choice, such as walnuts, garlic and various herbs. It doesn’t require any cooking and is served cold as a side course or a snack during hot summer days.

Full recipe: here


Known under numerous names and variations in other countries, the type of pacha eaten in Bulgaria is either a soup or a solid, jellified aspic. Both consist of pork meat, typically taken from the pig’s head, ears, feet and tail. The traditional preparation of this dish is a lengthy process, but due to the fact that the soup version is widespread in all regions of Bulgaria, there’s a plethora of simplified recipes out there.

Full recipe: here

Bob chorba

The bean soup is a notably common example of most Bulgarians’ childhood meals. It’s a popular aspect of the national cuisine because all you need are inexpensive commercially available or pantry ingredients – dry red or white beans (rinsed canned ones would work just as well), carrots, bell peppers and onions. Depending on the region, the recipe may call for zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes, meat and even a specific type of beans. The two most essential ingredients, however, are actually the herbs – chubritza (a type of savory) and dzhodzhen (a type of spearmint).

Full recipe: here

Tripe soup

You will either loathe or love the tripe soup called shkembe chorba because there’s no way to remain impartial to it. With a whole lot of vinegar, garlic, black pepper and jagged pork tripe, this soup is famous all over the country as the ultimate hangover remedy for the morning after a drinking spree. It’s a solid fact that the sodium in it will balance your body’s electrolytes to a certain level, but the strong flavor of the soup might make your hangover even worse.

Full recipe: here

Nettle soup

Every Bulgarian babushka knows how to whip up the basis of a nettle soup because it’s filled with vitamins, dietary fiber and micronutrients, it’s easy to prepare and it goes well with everything – rice, noodles, meat, potatoes and other vegetables. In a nutshell, this is a colorful spring soup based on fresh nettle leaves that allows for lots of creativity and modifications.

Full recipe: here

Teleshko vareno

Although some might label it as a stew rather than a soup, the consistency of this traditional dish in some regions is sometimes too liquid. The veggies in it are cooked alongside the beef meat, so they are cut into chunky pieces in order to remain chewable instead of mushy while the meat becomes tender and palatable. Some versions of this popular main course meal require less water, bringing down the liquids to a minimum, but the beef stock is so flavorful that you should use as much of it as possible.

Full recipe: here

Lamb kurban chorba

Many Bulgarians remember eating kurban chorba with lamb meat at least once in their childhood years. Cooked during celebrations and mass gatherings (like weddings, baptisms, name days, religious feasts and other events), this soup requires lamb mutton, shank or kidney, but it may be substituted with chicken, beef, hen or sheep meat.

Full recipe: here

Meatball soup

Also known as supa topcheta in Bulgarian, the meatball soup’s main ingredients are tiny meatballs that consist of minced meat, finely chopped onion and white rice grains. The base is made out of chicken or vegetable stock in which the meatballs are dumped and left to simmer. Any type of minced meat can be used – pork, poultry, lamb or beef. For nutritional, satiating and thickening purposes some recipes incorporate potatoes, whereas others call for noodles or simply for more rice.

Full recipe: here

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