A Family In Belarus Lives In A Very Small And Tiny Awesome House

For just $4600 you could solve your life question too just like they did

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Belarus – Imagine living in a cubicle? Okey besides your daily office cubicle! Imagine your home is a mini cube! Now many would think that is impossible, but a family from Belarus finds it very comfortable and they enjoy their mini house they built themselves. Three members of this family have to manage their daily life routine in just 16m2 (169sq ft) meaning each person has around 5m2 for themselves. This includes kitchen, living space and a cozy bathroom.

They got to this idea because they were giving too much money on their monthly rent, so they figured “hey we can build a mini house and save a lot of money”. h/t:

Now the small living house makes little expenses and they are actually having fun living in it, as they sleep above their living room, down under is the kitchen and even a small storage place.

Heating is provided by natural gas and electricity while isolation is well built to make it livable even during harsh Belarus winters. They built the house themselves.

The total cost of the materials and all effort was just $4600, while their rent in Minsk was $500 monthly.

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