Alexei Navalny Prepared The Most Unusual Riots Russia Has Ever Seen: By Medieval Warriors and WW2 Soldiers

The most surreal and fun protest ever anywhere on the planet

Photo: Twitter

Across Russia a massive outbreak of protests have blossomed, however this article is not about Politics or the reasons why people protest. This Article is about what kind of protests these are and how they looked like. Judging from the tweets some news reporters make, it was a mixture of Medieval Warriors, WW2 Soviet soldiers trenching on the Red Square and protesting in a very interesting way. Over 150,000 thousand people were there while a lot of them were fully dressed in all their glorious historical reenactment gear.

Authorities pointed out the rally was illegal and against the law so there were some ‘measures’ being taken by the Police. The funny part is among the crowd there were a lot of both Alexei and Putin supporters, they all actually enjoyed the cosplay so this is the reason why these protests turned out surreal.

Nearly 700 people have been detained in Moscow this afternoon. Protests in St Peterburg looked much more aggressive than in Moscow.

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Photo: Darmon Richter / Bohemian Blog

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