Amazing animal portraits by Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova

When photography turns into magical art masterpiece

Katerina Plotnikova is a Russian photographer that has become well known recently for her surreal photos featuring girls and animals. In all of these photos,nature is powerful; a symbol of unhindered beauty and a wild grace. As generations of humans increase, there seems to be a general disinterest and, more seriously, a distrust, in nature and its inhabitants. Animals belong in the wild, and humans belong in their houses. This disassociation of man and nature is commonly accepted and expected. As a result, people grow not only indifferent to the wild, but also afraid. After all, animals are dangerous. And while it is true, animals can be dangerous – what beautiful thing in life isn’t?

In Katerina’s imagery, we see not only an enchanting contrast of fair and feral, but also a hint of melancholy longing. Humans, though now far removed from our ancestral counterparts and agrarian lifestyles, will always crave the company of the world’s wild creatures, who are so unlike us in many ways, but in whom we still find similarities enough to cherish. h/t: katerina_plotnikova

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