Amazing boat wreck in Croatia discovered dates to 3,200 years

In the bay of Umag, in September 2008., an archaeological site was Found with the remains of prehistoric ship joined with sewing technique. In the period from 2008 to 2010 g., a set of analysis were carried out of wood in order to establish age of the found ship, and also the ship has received a protective cage to prevent destruction sites. During September 2011.g, Archaeological Museum of Istria with external collaborators spent the first campaign of archaeological research of marine debris. Results obtained from the research and radiocarbon dating highlighted the importance of this site for Research of prehistoric ships, the whole First Campaign of Exploration papers can be downloaded here.

During September 2011., In the bay of Umag, on the site finding prehistoric sewn ship, conducted the first campaign of archaeological research.


Bay Umag is located in the northwestern part of Istrian peninsula, 2 NM north of the town of Umag. The first archaeological campaign was aimed to document part of the ship structure which was visible back in 2008 g.


When he performed at the site of the first investigation and the attempting to determine the area where the ship is laid, in order to obtain information for future research. Financial funds for archaeological research conducted ensure the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Museum of Istria in Pula.

References: Antiquity history of Adriatic Prehistory of Adriatic

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