Amazing Castle in Kiev Ukraine

Imagine walking in Kiev region, desert night trail, frost degrees below -10° and suddenly – 500 meters from the road is a sight to behold. Honestly – you would be shocked. Around the local village a surprise is located, not mentioned on the interest map so as they turned closer to the sight it turned out to be a movie studio. Taking photos of this castle in a deep night on a working weekday – everything shines but not a single soul around, not even any guards. It’s easy to appreciate the scale of this amazing construction with all these cool effects, and the statues around the castle.


It’s located outside the village close to Kiev about 25 km. On both sides of the castle entrance there are such wonderful characters. How did this beauty come from “Alien”? Not sure exactly.

Generally, all this leaves a strong impression on the complex. This castle will definitely impress everybody that loves architecture.

Later as found on the official website, the area has many themed locations: full-scale site “Village of the river”, “Old Town”, “Zone”, “Odessa Yard”, “At the police department / police”, “lake”, “Field”. Stationary interiors – “station”, “Cabin and the dugout,” “The Zone”, “prison”, “Morgue”, “apartment”.

The picture shows the right watchtower – location “Zone”. Unfortunately, the photographers couldn’t enter the “zone” and this castle is in fact just a gate into the movie studio. So it is not simple to get inside unless you’re from staff or a customer. Story via srgktk

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